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Here at DragonBallZ.WS, we feature a wide variety of general polls for fun and informative purposes. Questions posed allow viewers to see how other DBZGT fans feel about certain aspects!

Past Polls

Who is your favourite member of the Ginyu Force?
Results Concluded on: May 27th, 2009 - (157 Votes Cast)

2nd Place: 27% - Recoome
3rd Place: 20% - Jeice
4th Place: 14% - Berter
5th Place: 5% - Guldo

Personal Thoughts: This was one of the more even polls, with Captain Ginyu winning with only 34% of the votes. Recoome (my favourite) came in 2nd. I was curious as to why there were so many Jeice fans out there, and I still have no idea. Guldo unfortunately came in last, despite having one of the cooler techniques (his time freeze). However, his short appearance and weak powerlevel probably caused a lack of popularity. Recoome was not only powerful but also presented dimwitted humour which was good for a laugh, along with classic lines and names of attacks that rhymed with his name (i.e. doom, boom, kaboom, etc.) In the end, Captain Ginyu wins because he is after all the leader of the Ginyu Force, has the strongest powerlevel, and of course the handy body switching (more like snatching) technique.

Who is your favourite Human Z-Fighter?
Results Concluded on: May 15th, 2009 - (277 Votes Cast)

2nd Place: 23% - Tien
3rd Place: 15% - Yamcha
4th Place: 8% - Yajirobe
5th Place: 7% - Chiatzou

Personal Thoughts: Krillin was of course going to be the winner coming into this poll, however I did not think he would have won by the huge margin that he did. Krillin is the beloved best friend of Goku and provides more of a comical relief role throughout DBZ. Always getting the crap beaten outta him, always having the worst luck, and his never-ending quest to find a girlfriend! The real battle ended up being between Chiatzou and Yajirobe, with a 1% difference in the victor. I thought Yajirobe would have drawn more votes for his highly humorous nature. Tien won by a 8% margin over Yamcha, and Tien is my favourite as well... however Krillin is the best of the Human Z-Fighters.

Who is your favourite Android?
Results Concluded on: May 8th, 2009 - (352 Votes Cast)

2nd Place: 28% - Android #17
3rd Place: 20% - Super Android #13
4th Place: 16% - Android #16
5th Place: 2% - Android #20/Dr. Gero

Personal Thoughts: Android #18 is the only android that becomes part of the main cast, is a beautiful female, arguably one of the most powerful fighters around, and wins the heart of Krillin. Easily making her the fan favourite. I was however EXTREMELY surprised by Android#17's popularity and the lack of Android#16's popularity. After all, he is the one who pushed Gohan into SSJ2, plus with the exception of Super#13, he was the strongest Android and had some of the cooler attacks. I did not at all expect to see him get beaten by both #13 and #17, albeit small margins. I did however like the fact that this poll was ALOT closer than past polls. The top 4 spots were battled out until the end, but the Deadly Beauty Android #18 managed to take it.

Who is your favourite Saiyan?
Results Concluded on: May 1st, 2009 - (1026 Votes Cast)

2nd Place: 26% - Vegeta
3rd Place: 16% - Gohan
4th Place: 10% - Trunks
5th Place: 3% - Goten

Personal Thoughts: I knew going into this survey that Goku would come out the winner (he is after all the main and most beloved character of Dragon Ball. However, I did feel there would be stronger supporters of Vegeta. Goku was pretty untouchable... and the remaining results were pretty close to each other. No surprises in the results really, and I guess the discrepancy between Trunks and Goten can be explained by the fact that many people for voting for Trunks as the Future Trunks, not the present day one. In conclusion, not too much insight to be provided here... Goku is the victor... with the highest vote turnout ever.

Who is your favourite Fused character?
Results Concluded on: April 24th, 2009 - (254 Votes Cast)

2nd Place: 36% - Vegitto
3rd Place: 17% - Gotenks
4th Place: 5% - Super Namek Piccolo
5th Place: 2% - Super Android 17

Personal Thoughts: I was hoping there were more Gotenks fans out there. Anyhow, Gojita is the winner, but only by a 5% margin. I was personally gunning for Vegitto, he's just overall cooler, especially with the outfit & attitude. Who would win in a fight however? It's tough to gauge considering we've only seen Vegitto once. However, we can infer that Goku at SSJ3 can hold his own against any form of Buu, but not against Janemba. Also, we see Vegetto have a relatively good advantage over Buu, but Gojita has an even easier time with Janemba, hence making Gojita the stronger of the two. I guess the fans just cannot get over seeing Gojita take a straight punch to the face from one of the most powerful DBZ villains and not even budge an inch. Intense.

Who is the strongest villain from the following:
Results Concluded on: April 17th, 2009 - (150 Votes Cast)

2nd Place: 36% - Janemba
3rd Place: 11% - Super Perfect Cell
4th Place: 2% - Bojack

Personal Thoughts: My guess was that Broly would win, simply because of his popularity as a Saiyan and the added belief as the Legendary Super Saiyan. Plus, it was pretty cool to watch him beat the crap out of 4 Super Saiyans at the same time. However, in my humble opinion, Janemba would win between these four. Simply put, Goku was able to defeat Broly using everyone's energy. Hence I don't think he was even at the power level of a Super Saiyan 2, otherwise he would have used the same strategy against Cell. Meanwhile, he fought Janemba as SSJ3 and got his ass whooped. Which should let everyone know that Janemba is the strongest, not to mention a villain with some of the more innovative and unique powers.

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