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Why Do I Lose Hits?

The reasons listed below could be some of the reasons why you could have been losing hits or why your site doesn't get any hits at all for that matter. These reasons may not necessarily be correct for your circumstances; however they are just guide lines.

1. The url to your website is extremely long, or has a strange spelling in it. This makes it hard for people to remember your website address; therefore they won't visit your site. If possible, try to get proper domain names.

2.Your website is usually down, full of technical errors, or you keep blowing your band width. If your site is available or is full of errors causing error messages or flickery screens, people won't bother visit as they know it would be a waste of time. They will want to visit a site that is always up in front of their face. As they say, "Time is money".

3. If your website is not very user friendly, and takes people a long time to figure out the navigation and where everything is. Some of this is having things like tiny content areas or extremely small font titles. This gives the viewers trouble viewing your website properly and won't want to waste time figuring out what is what.

4. People can be reluctant to visit your website if it takes an extremely long time to load and the content isn't worth waiting for. Long loading times are usually caused by having large pictures or flash files. Long waits can also be due to a slow or busy web server. You will need to talk to your host about that. Fast connections make people want to click more things since they know that they will load up fast.

5. Not many people will want to view your website if there is nothing in it to see or do there. Hence no content equals no visitors, It is recommended that you put a sufficient amount of content on your site before releasing it for public viewing. Don't just open your website just for the fact to say that you have a website.

6. A lack of updates and new stuff can make people bored quite quickly; to maintain regular visitors you will need to update your site and content occasionally. It helps to use a news script to show your updates and post site news. This gives viewers a quick way of knowing what is new and if they want to check it out.

7. Offensive or unsuitable material can make people not want to visit your site; especially if they are offended by it. This may attract a few visitors; but maybe not in the numbers and right audience you are aiming for. So be sure to think it over before putting specific content on your website.

8. Being an unfriendly webmaster can make people hate you and your site because of that. This isn't healthy for a forum or interactive website. Be friendly to your visitors; they could one day earn you your money. It also gives you the image that you care about your fans and arn't just doing it for the money or hits.

9. If you do not promote your website in any way, there will be no way for people to find out about your site; nobody knows-nobody can visit. Web promotion is vital for good traffic. Ways could be advertising on forums, getting affiliates, trying to get other webmasters to post about you. Basically just spreading the word instead of sitting there and staring at your hit counter.

-Information Produced By: jamjar

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