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Dragon Ball Z Complete Episode List

1. Raditz lands on Earth, Gohan falls in river, Piccolo fights Raditz
2. Raditz goes to the Kame house and abducts Gohan
3. Goku and Piccolo go after Raditz to rescue Gohan
4. Goku and Piccolo fight Raditz
5. Goku sacrifices himself so that Raditz can be killed
6. Goku is processed in Heaven, Piccolo takes Gohan for training
7. Goku travels Snake Way, Kuririn goes to see Chichi, Gohan trains
8. While trapped on hill during training Gohan goes Oozaru
9. Gohan falls into underground cave and finds old, wrecked robot
10. Yamucha comes to help, Gohan helps hurt dinosaur
11. Vegeta and Nappa destroy the planet Arlia
12. Tenshinhan saves Lunch from a flood, Goku falls to Hell
13. Goku attempts to get back to Heaven, takes secret route
14. Goku tempted by Princess Snake, he refuses her, she attacks him
15. Gohan caught in storm at sea, Piccolo trains in split form
16. Gohan meets a gang of orphans
17. Piccolo trains Gohan, others train in Pendulum Room
18. Artificial moonlight makes Gohan go Oozaru, Goku reaches Kaiou-sei
19. Kaiou trains Goku by having him chase Bubbles
20. Goku trains with mallet against Gregory, others train
21. Goku called back by Sheng Long, Vegeta and Nappa land
22. All but Goku face Vegeta and Nappa, Nappa creates Saibamen
23. Yamucha killed fighting the Saibamen
24. Tenshinhan's forearm broken off, Chaozu killed
25. Everyone fights Nappa, Tenshinhan killed
26. Nappa trashes reporters and navy, Goku leaves Kaiou-sei
27. Kuririn cuts Nappa's face, Piccolo shields Gohan and is killed
28. Kami dies when Piccolo dies, Goku arrives and fights Nappa
29. Goku fights Nappa, Vegeta kills Nappa
30. Goku fights Vegeta
31. Goku starts to charge up, Vegeta goes Oozaru
32. Goku fights Oozaru Vegeta
33. Gohan and Kuririn return, Yajirobe cuts Vegeta's tail off
34. Gohan deflects fireball at Vegeta, Vegeta sees Gohan's tail
35. Vegeta turns Gohan Oozaru, Vegeta escapes
36. The others pick up the survivors and dead, learn of Namek DB's
37. Mr. Popo shows Buruma Kami's spaceship
38. Repair Kami's spaceship, leave
39. Get attacked by other spaceship, captured by kids
40. Buruma saves kids' ship, Vegeta goes to Planet Freeza No.79 to heal
41. Land on illusory Namek, meet "Nameks", look for Dragon Balls
42. Vegeta heals, look for Namek Dragon Balls, Vegeta emerges healed
43. Look for Dragon Balls, captured, Vegeta leaves for Namek
44. Escape illusory Namek, land on real Namek
45. Kuririn and Gohan battle 2 of Freeza's henchmen, Vegeta kills Kiwi
46. Freeza passes the cave where they are hiding, Goku leaves for Namek
47. Freeza kills Nameks, Namek warriors battle Freeza's henchmen
48. Dodoria kills Nameks, Kuririn and Gohan save Dende's life
49. Gohan and Kuririn escape Dodoria, Vegeta fights and kills Dodoria
50. Vegeta looks for Kuririn and Gohan, they escape and find Buruma
51. Vegeta destroys village, Kaiou tells Goku his friends have arrived
52. Kaiou orders Goku not to fight Freeza, Vegeta battles Zarbon
53. Zarbon transformed beats Vegeta, Dende brings Kuririn to Saichourou
54. Saichourou gives Kuririn Ishinchuu and releases his dormant power
55. Train at Kaiou-sei, Vegeta escapes and finds Freeza's 5 Dragon Balls
56. Vegeta steals Freeza's DB's, Gohan finds the one Vegeta hid
57. Vegeta kills Zarbon, Vegeta takes Ishinchuu from Kuririn
58. Freeza calls for the Ginyu Tokusentai, Vegeta confronts Gohan
59. Suushinchuu falls in deep water and Buruma must retrive it
60. Freeza's men make Buruma dive for Dragon Balls, she escapes
61. Gohan's dormant powers are awakened by Saichorou, the Ginyu arrives
62. The Ginyu attacks, they take the Dragon Balls
63. Kuririn and Gohan fight Gurudo, Vegeta beheads Gurudo
64. Vegeta battles Rikuum, Kuririn knocked out
65. Gohan battles Rikuum, Gohan's neck broken, Goku lands on Namek
66. Goku arrives and pases out Senzu, Goku defeats Rikuum
67. Goku battles Jees and Bahta
68. Goku defeats Bahta, Jees escapes
69. Goku battles Jees and Ginyu
70. Freeza attacks the Nameks at Saichorou's temple
71. Freeza fights Nail, Ginyu exchanges bodies with Goku
72. Vegeta returns to Freeza's ship and attempts to summon the Dragon
73. Kuririn and Gohan fight Ginyu in Goku's body, Vegeta kills Jees
74. Goku gets his body back, Ginyu turns into a Namek toad,
75. Freeza beats Nail, Kuririn brings Dende to the ship, call Porunga
76. Kami and Piccolo brought back by Porunga, Freeza confronts everyone
77. Piccolo receives Nail's power, Freeza mutates to his second form
78. Freeza tells of Saiya-jin history, Freeza impales Kuririn
79. Freeza tosses Kuririn's body in a lake, Gohan fights Freeza
80. Kuririn cuts Freeza's tail off, Dende heals Gohan
81. Piccolo fights Freeza
82. Piccolo removes his heavy battle clothes, Freeza mutates to stage 3
83. Gohan helps Piccolo, Kuririn shoots Vegeta, Freeza's final mutation
84. Freeza kills Dende, everyone fights Freeza
85. Vegeta loses to Freeza, Goku healed
86. Goku arrives, Freeza kills Vegeta, tells of King Vegeta
87. Goku fights Freeza
88. Goku and Freeza battle using rocks and fireballs
89. Goku fights Freeza, Ginyu exchanges frog body with Buruma
90. Goku fights Freeza, Buruma as Ginyu finds the others
91. Ginyu tries to switch with Piccolo, switches with frog Buruma
92. Goku fights Freeza, Ginyu Tokusentai appears at Kaiou-sei
93. Ginyu Tokusentai wreaks havok at Kaiou-sei
94. Goku hits Freeza with Genkidama, the Ginyu fights all at Kaiou-sei
95. Ginyu Tokusentai sent to Hell, Freeza kills Kuririn, Goku goes SSJ
96. Super Saiya-jin Goku battles Freeza, Gohan leaves with Piccolo
97. Super Saiya-jin Goku fights Freeza
98. Freeza bulks up, Gohan takes Buruma back to Goku's ship
99. Super Saiya-jin Goku fights Freeza, Sheng Long is summoned
100. Goku fights Freeza, Sheng Long revives everyone killed by Freeza
101. Dende wishes for Porunga to send all but Goku and Freeza to Earth
102. Characters reflect on Goku, Goku battles Freeza
103. Freeza launches homing energy blades
104. Goku battles Freeza, Freeza cut in three pieces by his own fireball
105. Namek Dragon Balls fall to Earth, Freeza alive but in pieces
106. Goku tries to leave Namek, Gohan fights Vegeta
107. Porunga called on Earth, everyone back to life, Vegeta leaves
108. Marron introduced, Garlic Jr. appears and wreaks havoc at Kami's
109. Chichi, Buruma, Yamucha, and Kame Sennin posessed by vampire fog
110. Garlic Jr's henchmen get Piccolo, Gohan and Kuririn go to Kami's
111. Fight Garlic Jr. and his henchmen at Kami's, Kuririn knocked out
112. Gohan fights posessed Piccolo, Piccolo bites Kuririn
113. Battle three henchmen, Garlic Jr. mutates
114. The two henchmen mutate, the fighting continues
115. Battle Garlic Jr.
116. Defeat Garlic Jr. by sending him into a void, people back to normal
117. Gohan and Kuririn go diving for pearls, Marron leaves Kuririn
118. Gohan has mean private tutor, Vegeta returns to Earth
119. Trunks appears, everyone assembles to fight Freeza, his ship lands
120. Trunks kills all of King Cold's henchmen, goes Super Saiya-jin
121. Trunks cuts Freeza to pieces and disintegrates him, kills King Cold
122. Goku meets Trunks, Trunks tells Goku of his upcoming death
123. Goku tells of escape from Namek, shows off his new ability to warp
124. All train for the upcoming battle against the Androids
125. Goku and Piccolo take driving lessons
126. Androids #19 and 20 in city, Yamucha impaled by #20
127. Confront the Androids, give Yamucha a Senzu, battle Androids
128. Battle Android #19, tell of Red Ribbon, #19 absorbs fireball
129. Goku collapses, Vegeta goes Super Saiya-jin for the first time
130. Vegeta tears #19's hands off and disintegrates him, #20 flees
131. Piccolo battles Android #20, #20 loses a hand, Trunks returns
132. Chase Android #20, learn that Trunks is Buruma's baby
133. Android #20 attacks Kuririn, #20 revives #'s 17 and 18
134. Android #17 kills #20, #18 revives #16
135. Vegeta battles Android #18, #18 breaks his arm, Trunks attacks #18
136. #s 17 and 18 take out Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta and Tenshinhan
137. Goku sick, Piccolo reminisces about Goku
138. Androids #s 16, 17 and 18 steal a van, take out a gang of bikers
139. Trunks tells of his future, Goku has nightmare of deaths
140. Gohan and Trunks meet Buruma at the time capsule, find husk of Cell
141. Android #18 has a run in with the police, Piccolo and Kami merge
142. Cell drains citizen, Piccolo fights Cell
143. Cell drains Piccolo's arm, Cell destroys army, tells of his arrival
144. Cell escapes Piccolo, Cell drains the life of a football team
145. Destroy the cave where Cell is incubating in this timeline
146. Kuririn fights Cell on airplane, Cell escapes, Goku recovers
147. Meet at Kami's, Trunks and Vegeta enter the Room of Spirit and Time
148. Piccolo fights Android #17, he tries to blow #17 up, Cell in a city
149. Buruma makes a device that will cause the Androids to detonate
150. Piccolo and Android #17 fight Cell
151. #17 fights Cell, Tenshinhan shows up, #17 almost absorbed by Cell
152. Android #16 fights Cell, Cell absorbs #17, Tenshinhan Kikoho's Cell
153. Tenshinhan down, Goku takes the fallen heroes to Kami's
154. All train at Kami's, get new battlesuits, Cell destroys cities
155. Goku and Gohan enter the Room of Spirit and Time
156. Vegeta fights Cell, Goku and Gohan train
157. Vegeta and Trunks battle Cell
158. Goku and Gohan train, Cell sees Android #18, tries to absorb her
159. Vegeta, Trunks and Android #16 battle Cell, Cell absorbs #18
160. Cell mutates to Perfect Cell, Gohan goes SSJ for the first time
161. Vegeta fights Cell, Goku and Gohan train
162. Vegeta fireballs Cell in half, Cell regenerates, Trunks charges up
163. Trunks fights Cell, Kuririn leaves with unconscious Vegeta
164. Trunks and Cell explain their pasts
165. Trunks fights Cell
166. Trunks and Cell go seperate ways, everyone reflects on the past
167. Buruma fixes Android #16, Cell comes on TV to challenge Goku
168. Tell Goku and Gohan of Cell as they eat, Gohan gets Piccolo outfit
169. Show Karin their new power levels, hair stays gold, be with family
170. Gohan saves a girl's life and rids a town of evil businessmen
171. On Gohan's birthday, Goku and Chichi reminisce of Gohan as a baby
172. Army attacks Cell, Cell destroys the army, Goku warps to Kaio-sei
173. Dende brings the Dragon Balls back
174. Goku goes after the two Dragon Balls that Tao Pie Pie has
175. Mr. Satan arrives to fight Cell, everyone else shows up
176. Satan squad shows off, Mr. Satan flicked away by Cell
177. Goku fights Cell, Goku goes Super Saiya-jin
178. Cell powers up, Cell shoots homing fireballs
179. Goku shoots Cell's arms and head off with fireball
180. Cell rejuvenates, Goku continues fighting him
181. Goku gives Cell a Senzu then lets Gohan start fighting him
182. Gohan fights Cell
183. Gohan fights Cell, Android #16 attacks Cell, his body is destroyed
184. Cell Jr's beat everyone badly, Android #16's head crushed by Cell
185. Gohan kills Cell Jr's
186. Gohan fights Cell
187. Gohan punches Cell and he regurgitates Android #18
188. Goku warps Cell to Kaio-sei, Cell kills Goku, Kaiou, and Trunks
189. Vegeta goes insane on Cell for killing Trunks
190. Gohan fights Cell
191. Gohan kills Cell
192. Return to Kami's, Sheng Long revives Trunks and Android #18
193. Everyone goes their seperate ways after defeating Cell
194. Trunks returns to his timeline, kills Android #s 17, 18 and Cell
195. Goku and Pike fight Freeza and Cell in the afterlife
196. Beginning of the Anoyobudoukai
197. Anoyobudoukai, Goku fights fishman, Pike fights Adonis type
198. Anoyobudoukai, Goku fights a dinosaur, begin fighting Pike
199. Anoyobudoukai, Goku beats Pike but gets disqualified
200. Several years later, Gohan starts at Orange star high school
201. Gohan gets Great Saiyaman watch from Buruma, costume is inside it
202. Angela threatens to reveal what she thinks Gohan's secret is
203. Gohan helps save hostages, fight with Videl
204. Gohan rescues baby pterodactyl from cruel circus
205. Gohan hears from Goku, Gohan starts training Goten
206. Everyone trains for the upcoming Tenkaichibudoukai, Goten goes SSJ
207. Gohan trains Videl, Vegeta and Trunks spar, Videl cuts her hair
208. Videl learns to fly, all meet at Tenkaichibudoukai, Goku returns
209. Photographer takes pictures of the group, Piccolo breaks the camera
210. Tenkaichibudoukai starts, Mr. Satan re-enacts Cell game
211. Fix testing machine, Goten fights Trunks
212. Trunks beats Goten, Mr. Satan worried
213. Trunks beats Mr. Satan with one punch, Meet Kibito and Kaioushin
214. Trunks and Goten disguise themselves as Mighty mask
215. Kuririn wins his fight, Piccolo concedes to Kaioushin
216. Videl fights Supopobichi
217. Videl loses
218. Videl in hospital, Gohan gives her a Senzu, Gohan faces Kibito
219. Yamu and Supopobichi steal Gohan's power
220. Yamu and Supopobichi return to Babi-di's ship
221. Dabura turns Kuririn and Piccolo to stone, Vegeta fights Pui-Pui
222. Vegeta wins, Goku faces Yakon
223. Goku fights Yakon
224. Android #18, Mighty mask, Jewel and another fighter fight
225. Android #18 reveals that Mighty mask is Goten and Trunks
226. Android #18 throws the fight to Mr. Satan for Videl's sake
227. Gohan's glove turned to stone, Gohan breaks Dabura's sword
228. Vegeta possessed by Ma-jin, destroys Tenkaichibudokai arena
229. Warp to the desert, Gohan and Kaioushin inside Babi-di's ship
230. Goku fights Vegeta, Gohan and Kaioushin fight in Babi-di's ship
231. Gohan and Kaioushin reach the Ma-jin egg chamber, Goku fights Vegeta
232. Ma-jin Boo hatches, Goku fights Vegeta
233. Boo trashes Dabura, Vegeta knocks Goku out
234. Boo trashes Gohan and Kaioushin, Trunks breaks stone Piccolo
235. Boo turns Dabura into a cookie and eats him, Kuririn and Pic back
236. Vegeta battles Boo, he hurts Vegeta's arm, Boo divides
237. Trunks and Goten help Vegeta, Piccolo attacks Babi-di
238. Vegeta attempts to disintegrate Ma-jin Boo, but turns to stone
239. Look for Dragon Balls, Boo wreaks havoc, Goku is healed by Dende
240. Talk with Mr. Popo and Dende, Sheng Long brings back all but Vegeta
241. Boo terrorizes city, Kibito heals Kaioushin, they find Gohan
242. Ma-jin Boo destroys city, Trunks and Goten regain consiousness
243. Gohan withdraws the sword, Ma-jin Boo destroys more cities
244. Boo wreaks havoc, Goku attempts to stop Boo
245. Goku goes to Super Saiya-jin level 3, he fights Boo
246. Super Saiya-jin level 3 Goku fights Boo, Boo kills Babi-di
247. Goten and Trunks are shown how to perform the Fusion Dance
248. Goten and Trunks train at the Fusion Dance, Boo builds a house
249. Goku meets up with Gohan, Piccolo trains Trunks and Goten
250. Piccolo trains Goten and Trunks, Gohan and Goku break the Z sword
251. Goten and Trunks fuse for the first time, get it wrong a few times
252. Mr. Satan meets Ma-jin Boo, they become friends
253. Men Men the sniper kills old couple and Boo's puppy
254. Ma-jin Boo heals his puppy, Boo expells all the evil within
255. The evil expelled from Ma-jin Boo forms into an evil Boo
256. Super Boo launches a fountain of fireballs from Kami's
257. Super Boo turns Chichi into an egg, Super Boo faces Gotenks
258. Gotenks starts his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
259. Gotenks launches the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
260. Super Boo creates a portal to leave the Room of Spirit and Time
261. Super Boo fights Gotenks at Supr Saiya-jin level 3
262. Gotenks fights Super Boo, Gohan powers up
263. Gohan arrives and battles Super Boo
264. Gohan fights Super Boo, Super Boo charges up, find Dende
265. Super Boo absorbs Gotenks and mutates, Gohan fights Super Boo
266. Gohan fights Super Boo, Vegeta at the gates of Heaven
267. Tenshinhan returns, Super Boo absorbs Gohan
268. Vegeta fights Super Boo, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegetto
269. Vegetto fights Super Boo, Buruma, Chichi and Dabura in Heaven
270. Vegetto fights Super Boo, the others train in Heaven
271. Super Boo does the change attack, Vegetto turned into milkball
272. Vegetto as milkball fights Super Boo, Vegetto absorbed by Super Boo
273. Vegetto separates, Goku and Vegeta explore interior of Boo's body
274. Goku and Vegeta meet up with all that Super Boo has absorbed
275. Vegeta and Goku fight a vision of Super Boo while inside him
276. Vegeta tears the absorbtion pods out from inside Super Boo
277. Vegeta and Goku escape into a canyon with the fighters they rescued
278. Super de-evolves into Kid Boo, Kid Boo invades Heaven
279. Goku and Vegeta decide who will fight Kid Boo first
280. Goku at SSJ 3 fights Kid Boo, Goku is knocked down
281. Goku fights Kid Boo, Vegeta fights Kid Boo, Kid Boo beats Vegeta
282. Kid Boo trashes Vegeta, Kid Boo spits out Ma-jin Boo
283. Ma-jin Boo fights Kid Boo, Porunga is summoned, Earth back to life
284. All the people of Earth raise their hands to create Genkidama
285. Ma-jin Boo fights Kid Boo to keep his attention off of Goku
286. Goku destroys Kid Boo with a Genkidama
287. Vegeta wants to vaporize Ma-jin Boo, Mr. Satan stops him
288. Goku saves pterodactyl eggs from a storm, misses a party for him
289. Eight years later, everyone gathers for the Tenkaichibudoukai
290. The Tenkaichibudoukai starts, fighting assignments passed out
291. Goku leaves his family and friends, he and U-boo fly off to train

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