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Dragon Ball Z Majins

There are only two people who have the power to turn people into Majin Warriors, and those two are Bibidi and his son, Babadi. Majins are fighters that are being controlled by Babadi. And usually is controlling people for an evil purpose. Either to fight for them or do some task that the controller cannot do. Once you become a Majin Warrior your muscles will grow very fast and bulge up. The warrior will then have an unlimited energy supply that won't run out until the fighter is blown up into pieces. To have a chance of even becoming a Majin, you must have at least a little bit of evil in your heart. That little bit can make you Majin. If you have a pure hearth of good, then there is no way you can be controlled into turning Majin.

Once Majin, these warriors are people who have a pure evil heart only thinking of revenge, power, destruction and hatred. They don't have any feelings or emotions and act on full will. They only have one goal in mind, and that is to win the battle at hand. You might think that becoming a Majin is great with all the power that you'll recieve, but like everything, there is always a catch. Being a Majin is like selling your soul to the evil and darkness and the person who turned you Majin will have full mind control over you. Their is only one way for Majins not to be controled. If the person has a strong mind and body in their normal state, they may be able to fight off the controller's commands. Although it is very hard. Even Vegeta had problems doing it, but was able to. Although the Majin Warrior will still continue to have the evil characterisitcs. They don't care what happens to them as long as they manage to win the fight at hand. Like anything, Incredible Power comes with a cost...

Vegeta was the only Z-Fighter to ever go manage since he was once evil and still had some evil in his heart. Although he was able to fight off Babadi's power he wanted to become Majin so he could become powerful enough to face Goku. After becoming Majin, he simply ignored Babadi's commands and continued fighting Goku. Although his Majin powers still met an end in his battle against Fat Buu.

-Information Produced By: Majin Gohan

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