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Brolly Info

Most people believe that Brolly is the Legendary Super Saiyan, although the fact is that he is not, because the legend states that the legendary Super Saiyan can never be defeated and can only die from old age. He was not only born in Super Saiyin form, he had a power level of 10,000. He was put next to the roody pooh Kakarotto, with a whopping power level of 2. However, Goku's excessive crying made Brolly hold a grudge against him for the rest of his life. He went pretty insane as well.

After Brolly was born, king Vegeta saw that Brolly would overshadow Prince Vegeta, so he claimed that Brolly was dangerous and ordered that he be killed. His father Paragus begged not to kill him, and that earned him death as well. However, after Brolly and Paragus got tossed into the trash, Freezer came along and blew up the Planet Vegeta. Brolly's strength saved him and his father. Paragus decided to get revenge on Vegeta for what his Father did. For this, he needed to control Brolly. However, Brolly was insane, and couldn't be controlled. He was so out of control that after blowing up a planet, he knocked out Paragus's eye. Paragus gave up, and an alien scientist gave him a device that would lobotamize Brolly so he could be controlled. Then they got an army, crushed a planet, made it into the New Vegeta, and spread the terror of the Legendary Super Saiya-jin. Paragus then went to Earth to ask Vegeta to be King of New Vegeta. He plans on luring him there so Vegeta can be killed by the meteor that was flying toward the planet. Paragus didn't count on Goku being alive.

When Vegeta arrived, Paragus introduces him to Brolly. Vegeta takes Brolly with him to fight the Legendary Super Saiyan. They of course, don't find him. Goku has teleported to the planet, and when Brolly sees him, he freaks. Paragus has to use the device to stop him from going insane. Later at night, Brolly is thinking about Goku, gets pissed and goes after him. After a small scuffle, Goku realizes that Brolly is the Super Saiyan that was destroying planets. Paragus then loses control, and Brolly goes Super Saiyan. Vegeta is so scared that he won't even attempt to fight him.

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