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Dragon Ball Grand Tour (DBGT) Series Introduction

They're back! The whole crew...Vegeta, Bulma, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Krillin, and of course Goku! This series, Dragon Ball GT, is the only series that was not directed by the original creator, Akira Toriyama. DBGT is totally inaccurate from the intentions of Akira's orginal work, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. This is because when Goku reached SSJ3, he could pretty much kick everyones butt. Well, now in DBGT there is yet another level of Super Saiyan. This series also contains one of the most confusing plot lines in all of the work done on DB/Z/GT. But instead of criticizing DBGT lets applaud it because this is one of the most innovative series ((in my opinion)) in the Anime Community.

The story starts out 10 years after the orginal DBZ series and the final battle with Majin Buu. Emperor Pilaf...thats right (from Dragon Ball)...comes up to the LookOut and takes the hidden Black Star Dragonballs! Now what do think he's going to do? Well, luckily our hero Goku comes out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his apprentice Ubuu. (Ubuu is a reincartion of Buu for those of you who dont know.) Goku, nearly blinking twice on this goes to stop Pilaf but is turned accidently into a kid by the Dragon because Pilaf accidentally said "I wish he was a kid again"! So this causes the Dragonballs to spread out across the universe instead of on the planet since they are black star.

So Goku, Trunks, and Pan set out onto an adventure to find the Black Star Dragonballs and restore peace to the universe because if they don't gather those Dragon Balls within a year, the planet that used them will be destroyed! Along with finding these Dragon Balls, they come across many other obstacles and villains that they must overcome in order to fully bring peace to the Universe.

-Information Produced By: Kronos

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