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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 7:
“My Sweet Honey! Trunks the Bride!”
Part One, Part Two is Next Episode.

This episode starts out with Gill tied to the ship, he’s being punished for eating part of the ship, and Pan tells Goku and Trunks to quit spoiling him, because that’s why he is acting the way he is. Gill then eats some spare parts that were on board. Trunks says that at the next stop, they will get Gill some food. Goku then sees a planet, and Gill detects a Dragonball there, and they head towards the planet. The land, and get out to explore. After walking around a bit, they discover a quiet, peaceful village. Gill detects the Dragonball, 203 meters North East.

They then discover a group of villagers. All of the villagers are looking at something, and Trunks, Goku, and Pan go to see what all the commotion is. Trunks yells excuse me, so he can see, and the villagers turn around and stare. Trunks asks them what they are staring at and one of them exclaims, it’s Zu-nama. Gill sees the Dragonball in a young ladies necklace, and this young ladies name is Lenne. The owner of the house Trunks and Co. are standing in asks them why they barged into his house, and Trunks explains how they are searching for the Dragonballs, but the village replies with “We have our own Crisis right now, we don’t have time for yours.”

Lenne, the villagers wife, tells him to calm down. Goku and Pan then ask the villagers to explain about Zu-nama. The Elder of the Village explains: “Zu-Nama is a hideous monster, that has the ability to cause earthquakes just by shaking his two huge antenna. He comes to our village demanding impossible things from us. The last item her requested, was simply unacceptable. Every time he comes, the demands get higher!”

Gill then detects Zu-Nama coming, and runs around screaming “Danger, Danger, Danger!” Pan kicks him and tells him to shut up. We then see Zu- Nama, a huge beetle like creature with giant antenna. He bends over and asks the group which one of them will be his bride. Trunks and Pan realize what the unacceptable demand was, and the village elder says that his daughter is the one with the unlucky fortune. Trunks says that they can’t allow her to be married to him, because that’s like Human Sacrifice. Zu-Nama is shown yelling: “How Happy I am, How Happy I am, Congratulations to Me! Give me the bride now or I’ll cause another earthquake.” Since no bride is offered, he causes an earthquake. Lenne goes up to him, and says she’ll be his bride if he’ll stop destroying her village. He then says, I’ll be back tomorrow, so me in your wedding dress, and be prepared to have a good time, then he flies off.

Pan, Trunks, and Goku offer to help, if in return, they receive Lenne’s Dragonball. Lenne’s boyfriend, also offers to help. They all agree. Pan asks Lenne is she can see her wedding dress. Lenne shows it to her, and Pan takes it. Pan is shown struggling to get the dress on Goku, so he can be a decoy. He is to short, and Trunks is shown slowly trying to get away. Pan catches him, forces the dress over his head, and then tells him he must re-do his hair and wear make-up. Lenne and Pan give him a makeover, and he is ready to be Zu-Nama’s bride! Trunks says “The only good thing about this is, my mother and father can’t see me in drag!”

The next day, they are all ready to fight. Lenne tells them all to be careful, and they head out. Zu-Nama arrives, asking for his bride to come forward. Trunks comes, but trips on his way. The villagers had made Trunks a special drink to give to Zu-Nama, to get him drunk. Trunks stands up and says he is ready. Zu-Nama notices the voice change, but Trunks said he had a normal cold. Zu-Nama then tells Trunks too come forward, so he can see her adorable little face! Is this plan doomed? Find out next time on Dragonball GT!

Review: I personally thought that this episode contained some humorous scenes This episode gets a 5 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: SMGoten2

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