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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 6:
It May Hurt A Little, Goku The Dentist!

As this episode starts, Goku & Co. are in there ship, heading towards a small planet. In the last episode, Trunks introduces the new Dragonball Radar, and in this episode Goku asks for its name. It replies with a whole bunch of letters and numbers, and Trunks explains to Goku that this is the serial code. Meanwhile, they are nearing the planet, and the radar picks up a signal down on the surface. Pan tells the thing that it better be telling the truth, because of how far they had come across the universe. Trunks tells everyone to fasten there seatbelts, because they are entering the atmosphere.

After they land, Pan yells at Trunks for landing so roughly, and Trunks says “Sorry, it was my first time to fly the ship”. After that little ordeal is over, the ship starts to shake. Goku then notices that there are some mountains moving, however Pan points out that they aren’t mountains, but some giant crocodile like creatures. After they leave from there, Goku shows up right outside of the windshield of the ship, and Pan asks if she can go outside, and she completely disobeys Trunks. Goku is then shown riding a giant stag-beetle type creature, and says “Wow now I feel even smaller!”.

By now, I had noticed that everything on this planet was bigger than Trunks, Pan, and Goku. Pan then flies to Goku, and is shown wearing a bee- like costume. She leaves Goku, and flies straight up for a second, into a group of giant butterflies. Trunks and Goku leave Pan to start searching for the dragonballs. Pan follows the butterflies onto a flower, and lies down. Suddenly, a group of giant bees comes after pan and they carry her off to there hive! Trunks’ radar then senses the dragonball again, meanwhile, Goku found a giant apple and is shown stuffing his face. Trunks soon finds the dragonball, but Goku accidentally drops the apple on it. A giant bird then swoops down, clutches the apple, and Trunks’ notices that the dragonball is stuck on the apple. The bird then drops the apple into its master’s bag. The owner of the bird however, is also giant, just like everything else on this planet.

Trunks and Goku soon find Pan screaming, while she is dropped in the middle of the bee hive where the larva are. She is surrounded by baby- bees and she keeps yelling “There so Cute! There so Cute”. When Trunks and Goku are rushing to save pan, they run into a giant spider, and Trunks spots something stuck in the web, he thinks its Pan, and Goku attacks the spider. The spider sprays Goku with web, and Trunks kicks the spider into a tree. Trunks then rushes to the wrapped object stuck in the web. He opens it up, to discover that it was a Queen Bee. While all this is happening, other bees bring Pan honey, because they think that she is the Queen. Pan tries to escape, and on her way, flies directly into Goku and Trunks. The bees surround all three of them, but they soon notice that Trunks is holding the real Queen Bee, so they take her and leave.

After this, Goku smells a person grilling fish, and Pan remembers seeing the giant man and his bird, holding a giant fish, so they figure that the giant man was the one cooking the fish. The find him, and they see the apple with the dragonball attached to it. Goku tries to grab it, but instead knocks it down, and it rolls to the giant’s feet. He picks it up and eats it, along with the dragonball. The giant starts screaming, and holding his mouth, falls over. Goku looks in his mouth, and sees the dragonball stuck in a cavity. He flies into the giants mouth, and tries to hold it open. He can’t hold it for long, and must use a Kamehameha Wave to knock the tooth out. The tooth flies out of the giants mouth, and Goku grabs the dragonball. They then leave and head back to the ship. Pan thanks the radar, and they all decide to call him “Gill”.

They may have the first dragonball, but the journey is just beginning.

Review: It contained some interesting scenes, and will keep you entertained. This episode gets a 4 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: SMGoten2

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