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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 5:
See, the Strong Guy!! The Bodyguard Rejjik

In the last episode of Dragonball Grand Tour, Pan, Trunks, and Goku were accused of being criminals after stealing BACK their space ship from the evil Dictator Don Kea.

The episode starts off with our heroes, trying to escape the Army of the ruthless and greedy Don Kea. As Pan, Goku, and Trunks, stealthly make their way through the city, they are spotted by an old pedastrian on a rooftop. Goku tells the old lady that they were framed for being crimnals and really just nice people. The pedastrian is scared so she screams very loudly, attracting Kea's Army.

This forces the Z squad to retreat by running across the rooftops. In their flight to saftey, Goku trips and stumbles off of the roof top, but recovers his bouncy assent by pouncing on Don Kea's General of his Army. This bys the Z squad a little bit of time, since it knocked the General out.

Then as Pan and the rest of the group are running across the rooftop, Pan takes a step and the roof collapses! They fall into a house with an old couple. Once again, Pan tries to tell these people that they are not crimnals. Trunks stops her this time, and tells the couple that they should leave.
Then Goku, who cant hold it in any longer, says that he is hungry and the he really wants to eat. This changes the old couples mind and they give Goku, Pan, and Trunks some food.

The old couple tells them that Imegga is really a planet that everyone is trapped on. Don Kea made it so that anyone with a spaceship would have to have it confinscated because he didnt want anyone to leave. He just wanted to get rich quick by putting high tax/rent rates on everything.
Pan asks them why didnt they stand up againist Don Kea and his army. They reply that its not the army that their worried about, its Kea's bodyguard, Rejjik. Goku, has a brief flashback to when they took back their ship and remembers that the man that deflected his blast was Rejjik.
Then all of sudden Pan makes some womanly decision that they need to get themselves arrested purposely in order to defeat Don Kea. So they do. They thank the old couple and walk right out the front door, where Kea's Army seems to have figured out that they were there. They hold out their hands and voila! They're arrested.

Meanwhile at Don Kea's palace, Don Kea is counting his money and realizes he lost count. He gets excited about this. Then the General opens the door and tells him that they have caught the "fugitives." He asks the General to bring them in. The door is then blasted open and the General is thrown all the way across the room and into a wall.
This was the doing of you-know-who (Pan, Goku, and Trunks if your a little slow). Don Kea gets a little scared and asks where is the rest of his security staff. Trunks tells him that "They are resting" Don Kea turns on a security camera monitor and sees that his crew is knocked out. Then Pan tells Kea that he is a very greedy man and that he should return things back to normal.
Kea has a better idea, he sends this little arrow thingy at Pan and it traps her in an electric holding device, He then presses another button and it shoots a great amount of firepower.
Then Kea's Bodyguard, Rejjik walks in and tells Kea that these are not normal people and standard firepower wont kill them.
So Kea orders Rejjik to dispose of the Z squad. Rejjik gets a little peeved and tells Kea not to order him. Kea apologizes profusely. Trunks is the first one to attack, but since Trunks hasnt trained in a long time, he is merely pushed away by the Bodyguard. Goku tells Trunks to go make sure Pan is ok and that he'll take care of Rejjik.

Goku and Rejjik start to fight. Goku seems to have the upper hand at this until Rejjik knocks Goku through a building, which makes Goku angry. Goku goes Super Saiyan. Goku and Rejjik have an energy blast battle. Goku fires his signature move the Kamehameha Wave and Rejjik fires a huge red energy wave. Of course, Goku's blast beats Rejjiks.
However, Goku doesnt kill Rejjik, he stops fighting him and tells him to go get stronger so that someday they could fight again. Rejjik agrees and tells Goku that next time he will win.

Then Don Kea orders again for Rejjik to take care of these fugitives. Rejjik is very angry at Kea, so he slaps Kea and tells him that he is a greedy man and that he will no longer work for him. Rejjik walks out of the palace.

Pan then tells Kea to give everyone their spaceships and let them destroy their rent plans. Kea is hesitant, but Pan makes him make the right decision by telling him if he doesnt do what she wants she'll make Goku beat him up. He agrees.

Then Pan, Trunks, and Goku, fly a huge safe to the middle of the Market and tell the citizens of Immega that they are now free and that their spaceships and everything. The citzens are very greatful.
So Pan, Trunks, and Goku get the parts that they needed to repair their ship. Then all of a sudden the robot starts yelling. Pan goes over to it and forces it to give back their Dragon Radar. Trunks then tells Pan to stop abusing the robot, because in being that has Artificial Intelligance has a heart. The robot, very happy about this, opens up a back compartment on its back and shows that he has built the Dragon Radar into itself.

The Dragon Radar shows that there is a dragonball somewhere north of this planet. So Pan, and the rest of the group get into their spaceship and fly away...

Review: I thought this was a good episode, it showed some of the truer sides of Communism and what its like in Japan. This episode gets a 4 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: Kronos

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