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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 4:
Wanted!! Goku is a Crimnal?

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Grand Tour, Goku, Trunks, and Pan crash landed on a mysterious planet called Immegga. This planet turned out to be a planet filled with no good dealing merchants who rip Trunks and the crew off. Then just as they are about to go to their ship a robot takes their Dragon Radar and absorbs it into itself as energy. And to top things off the merchants took the ship!!

The episode starts off with Trunks, Goku, and Pan stilled stunned by the fact that the merchants stole their ship. Pan is extremely annoyed at the robot for taking the Dragon Radar so she wraps the useless piece of junk in a long cloth so that it wont run away again. Trunks realizes that they really need to get their ship back or else they wont be able to leave this planet. Goku suggests that they use the Instant Transmission to teleport to the ships location. Goku focuses on the ship and teleports. The teleportation takes them to right above where they had previously been and they fall flat on their face. Goku doesnt really understand what just happened, so he tries again. It doesnt work and the fall flat on their face again. Trunks tells Goku that since maybe he was turned back into a kid he lost his teleportation ability.

The scene then cuts to a pink faced, pink haired Don Kee. His faithful servants tell him that they have recovered a spaceship. Also they tell him that it would probably be to expensive to sell on the market. So Don Kee tells them to take it apart and use the parts of the ship to sell in the market.

Trunks and the crew have decided to sneak into the town and get their ship back. They have to get past security and sometimes they come very close to getting caught. The gang finally reaches the docking bay of their ship. They are doing OK stealth wise until one of the guards tosses a beer can and it lands on Pan. Pan tries very hard not to cry, and right as she is about to burst into tears, Trunks grabs her and covers her mouth. When she has finally recovered, Trunks lets her go, but Trunks is hit by a some piece of machinery and it causes the robot to start making noise. This causes the guards to sound off the alarm and send everyone in the docking bay after them.

In retaliation, Goku, Trunks, and Pan beat up the guards. Goku kicks the ships hanging support loose and drops the ship onto this carrying glider port. Pan jumps down onto the glider and gets inside the drivers seat and takes off with the ship. Trunks and Goku jump on opposite ends of the glider to defend the ship. Meanwhile, Pan is driving extremely crazy and is hiting everything in her path. Then all of a sudden, Don Kee's most trusted twosome fire an energy blast at the glider. Goku blocks this blast with a Kamehameha Wave, this blows the twosome out of their way. Then this mysterious green guy in a cloak named Lezick (or Rejick) he deflects Goku blast and wonders to himself if this is a Saiyan.

The Z crew makes it out of their safetly. Trunks and Goku make fun of Pan's driving and tell her that they need to go back to the market and get more parts for their ship.

Meanwhile back at Don Kee's palace, Don Kee is enraged that his dock got messed up and that the ship got away. So he takes about 1,000,000 dollars out of their salary and tells them to never do this again. It is also apparent that Lezick works for Don Kee.

They make their way into the market and go to the stand where they sell ship parts. Pan asks if they have any, and the salesman freaks out and shuts his door. Then the rest of the people flee out of the market. Trunks notices that Don Kee as put up warrants for their arrest, and by doing so, he has put up WANTED posters of the threesome. These photos look nothing like the Z crew, but Goku is rather amused at his picture and starts immiating it. Then the robot starts to beep and the robot somehow uses the Dragon Radar to spot out enemy forces. Trunks realizes this and tells the gang that they need to hide. They hide in just the right time because Don Kee's army comes down along with his General to find the intruders.

Review: Well this episode was ok, it had some funny moments and an interesting plot. But not long enough!! I give this episode a 2 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: Kronos

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