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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 3:
The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Immega, Planet of Merchants

Well, last episode on Dragon Ball Grand Tour, Goku and Trunks took off into space to find the Black Star Dragonballs. But what they didnt know was that Goku's granddaughter, Pan snuck aboard the ship.

Well the episode starts out with Trunks attempting to get the master control key from Pan. Pan, who doesnt want Trunks to fly her back home, refuses to give the key to Trunks. Goku, who as usual is eating and doesnt really care whats going on is just sitting back and eating a big bowl of fried rice. Then all of a sudden something hits the ship, it is not really stressed at what it is. But, what i forgot to mention in the last review was that when the ship took off a small piece of it fell off. It turns out this was the ships Command Navigational Stabalizer Guidance chip. Trunks, realizing that he needs to land the ship or else it will explode. So Trunks lands the ship on a foreign planet called Immega. The crew manages to land safely on the planet and ventures towards the main city of the planet.

When they reach the city's market square, Trunks tells Goku and Pan that they could go by the parts to repair the ship and they could relax the rest of the day. Just as he says this, a huge horde of merchants come by and put a bunch a of clothes on Pan, Goku, Trunks. They also give them the space parts that they need. But in doing this they have just ripped Trunks off. This is because whenever you touch something, you have already bought it. And there are no refunds.

So Trunks, and the rest of Z gang go to a hotel and tell the innkeeper that they were ripped off earlier today. The innkeeper tells them that they dont run their establishment that way. The Keeper calls the Bellrobot to get their luggage. The robot accidently mistakes Goku to be a piece of luggage and so he picks him up too and takes them to their room.

They are all very happy with their suite and Pan goes to take a shower, Goku runs to the fridge and Trunks lays down on the bed and turns on the TV. Pan immediatly runs out of the shower and tells Trunks that the shower wont turn off. Trunks tries to get up and investigate but realizes he is chained to the bed. Goku opens the fridge and realizes that the food keeps restocking. Trunks cuts the chain and runs to the shower and sees that it is racking up money. He runs to every part of the house and sees that every appliance is racking and bringing in money. Trunks tells Goku (who is extremly happy because of all the food) and Pan to get out of there. So they put on some of the native garments of Immegga and get out of the hotel. They start to make their pursuit to their ship when they come upon an Immeggian couple who explains to the gang that Immegga didnt used to be like this. They tell them that the ruler of Immegga, Don Kee, enforces extremely high taxes and rents on everything. And they mean everything, walls, lamps, etc. And just as they finished saying this Don Kee's guards tell the couple that they need to pay their lease on their house. They dont have the money, so the robots dismantle their house and take everything. Goku suggests that he could go beat them up and get their belongings back. They turn his offer down because Don Kee will send his whole army after them. With this said Trunks, Goku, and Pan, leave towards their ship.

The next morning, Trunks and the gang reach the area where their ship is located. But before they make their approach, Pan suggests that they should check to see if their are any dragonballs here. So Trunks pulls out his trusty Dragon Rader and just as he turns it on a robot pops out from underneath the ground and eats the Dragon Rader (abosorbs it). The Rader gives the robot energy. The robot starts running around screaming that it has energy. Trunks tries to catch it but cant, this goes on for awhile until Goku catches the robot and hands it to Trunks. But then Trunks realizes that the Merchants have taken his ship back to the Square.

Review: This episode was hilarious, it was funny to actually see how you can get ripped off badly. ((Ah, reminds me of Mexico)) It was funny to see the robot exclaim "Power, fully charged!" and run around like a lunatic. This one gets a 4 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: Kronos

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