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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 2:
I am the leader! Pan flies into space!

Just a quickoverview of what happened last episode. Goku got turned into a kid accidently by Emperor Pilaf when he made his wish to Shenron, using the Black Star Dragonballs. Goku must find these dragonballs that have spread throughout the universe, or else the planet Earth will be destroyed.

Well the episode starts out with a brief introduction of what Trunks has been upto in this series. It turns out that Trunks is the president of Capsule Corps and is being overly stressed by his work. So when Trunks feels underpressure, he just opens his office window and flies away and relaxes. Back at Bulma's house we see that Goku and Gohan are planning to leave and go in search of the Black Star Dragonballs. Well, there still need to be flight checking procedures, leaving Pan and Goku really bored. Pan wants desperatly to go on this mission, but Chi Chi, keeps insisting that it is too dangerous for her. So Pan sulks off and Goku follows. Pan is quite angry and tells Goku to buzz off and quit following her.

Meanwhile at this point, there are some kidnappers that want to get filthy rich. To do this they want to capture Bulma and hold a ransom. but they dont know what Bulma looks like so they try to capture Pan, but instead they take Goku to an amusement park. So Pan flies home and annoys Goten, who is cheating on his girlfriend and tries to get a date with another one.

Back at the amusement park, one of the head guys that captured Goku calls Bulma and tells her that he wants 500 million zeni for Goku. Bulma doesnt believe this and hangs up. They try this again, except Vegeta (Who has a huge head of spiky hair and a moustache) answers, but then hangs up. Goku eventually scares the kidnappers with his flying abilities and his super strength. So he flies back home

At Capsule Corps, Trunks flies out, due to too much work and gets stopped by his father, Vegeta. Vegeta drags Trunks and Goten to the spaceships and tells them that they have been too lazy with their training and need to practice with Goku.

So Trunks gets on the ship along with Goku (Goten, didnt get on the ship because his cell phone rang and he tried to cancel his date he was having tonight) and as they are about to go into the command room they see Pan and she takes off with Trunks and Goku.

Review: I thought this episode was kind of funny. Vegeta looks absolutley hilarious with his new do. And it shows how stupid people are when they want money. I give this episode a 4 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: Kronos

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