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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 10:
“Dancing Attack, Don Pap Pa!”

If you can remember last time, Bon Para and his brothers found a dragonball and took it to the Cardinal Mutchy-Motchy. The Cardinal was unhappy because apparently Goku, Pan, and Trunks had another dragonball, but Bon Para forgot to get it. The Cardinal is giving them one more chance to get things right.

We once again see Goku, fighting off the domas. They are fighting somewhere close to ten doma’s at this time, and it the outcome isn’t looking great right now. Trunks, Pan, Goku, and even Gill are fighting, and they are all attack with Ki Blasts, even though there is barely any effect.

Bon Para and his brothers have not yet found out were Trunks had hid the dragonball. They come to the conclusion that one of our heroes must have it with him. Meanwhile, Goku and company are still fighting the domas, trying to hold them back. Bon Para still hasn’t been able to find the dragonball, and his brother just remembers that if they don’t find it, they’ll be turned into dolls!

We now see the Cardinal and all of the worshipers. The Cardinal is telling the worshipers that “Only those who pray, will be safe.” It appears that the Cardinal was looking for some rebels, and they are brought forward at this time. The Cardinal tells them “Good Job, Lord Lude will be very happy.” With a crack of his whip, the Cardinal turns them all to dolls. He then throws them into the giant urn.

Bon Para and his brothers are yelling at Goku, Trunks, and Pan, saying things like “Were right behind you, Go!” Goku is shown on top of one of the doma’s. He then slides down, picks it up from the ground, and has discovered a weakness. If you can get a hold of there underside, then they are completely vulnerable. Goku throws it into a wall, and it gets knocked out. Goku tells Pan and Trunks of the weakness, and they each grab a doma. They swing them into each other, knocking them both out. They continue to knock out the doma’s, until there’s none left. Bon Para and his brothers are applauding Goku and company.

The Para brothers then introduce themselves as: Bon Para, San Para, and Ran Para. They then do a pose that reminds me of the Ginyu force. The Para brothers and our heroes begin a showdown. The Para brothers take off there armor, which turns out to be a stereo, and two stage lights. After this, the Para brothers start to do a really stupid dance, and Goku says “What the heck are they doing?!” The stage light armor is making Gill malfunction. Gill begins to do the stupid dance that the Para brothers are doing. It appears that the armor has some strange effect on all of our heroes. What this means is that Goku, Pan and Trunks begin to dance too. Pan asks “Geez, what am I doing?”

Bon Para now moves over to Goku, and punches him in the stomach for not lifting his legs high enough. He then goes to Trunks, and punches him for making a wrong turn. He finally gets to Pan, and she won’t smile, so he throws her. Goku and Pan get up to only find out that they continue to dance. Bon Para keeps attacking them for every mistake they make. Bon Para tells them “Now you know how we got our name, the Dancing Para Brothers!” Goku and the rest of our heroes are beginning to get tired. Bon Para can see this, and speeds up the tempo. Gill sparks, and yells “Gill broke! Gill broke!”

Suddenly, the doma’s begin to wake up. All of the domas head for Bon Para. He his too busy singing, and doesn’t notice them. Right at this point, the armor shuts off. Trunks, Goku and Pan regain control. They rush over to the Para brothers and punch them to the ground. Right after this, Pan yells “How dare you make a beautiful young lady, do such a stupid dance!” Then, Trunks and Company tie up the Para Brothers.

Pan and Gill are now searching for the dragonball in the Para’s ship, while Goku and Trunks watch over them. Pan and Gill find a computer, and Gill reads the words Destination, Planet Lude. Pan says go, and the ship takes off, leaving Goku, Trunks, and the Para’s behind.

What will happen to Pan and Gill?
Find out next time on Dragonball GT!

Review: This episode was not only humorous, but action packed also! This episode gets a 4 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: SMGoten2

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