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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 1:
The Mysterious Dragonballs Appear!! Goku Becomes a Child?!

It has been 10 years since the final battle with Majin Buu and the end of the Dragon Ball Z series.

As always we see our hero Goku, ontop of Kami's Lookout. Goku is giving Ubuu, a reincarnation of Majin Buu, a final test to complete Ubuu's training. However, they are not in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, they are actually inside the Shrine fighting! Ubuu does very well and nearly breaks a sweat on Goku. So evidently Ubuu passed his graduation test. The reason for not training on Earth would have been because the Earth probably couldn't handle their massive powers, and they might damage Mother Earth. After awhile Ubuu goes home to see his brother and sister, leaving Goku alone with Dende and Mr. Popo, until Goku runs to another part of the Shrine because he thought he heard some rustling and mumbling going on. He see the Eternal Dragon in the air and immediately knows that something is up.

Well, guess who it is? Emperor Pilaf! The evil villain all the way back from Dragon Ball. He has been planning for years on end to find the Dragonballs. Pilaf at this point has ventured deep into the Lookout and found the Black Star Dragonballs! These dragonballs were created by Kami before he split with Piccolo. So, that means that they have twice the power as normal dragonballs! Pilaf, at about this point has already summoned Shenron, who looks different from the normal one, he is red and has gold swirly things on his back.

One of Pilaf's assistants see's Goku watching them as they are about to make their wish and tells Pilaf that it is Goku, the one who destroyed his plot last time. Pilaf is really mad and tells him henchmen to shoot missles at him. They do so and Goku stops them with his hands without even trying. Pilaf gets ever more angry and now accidentally says "I wish you were a kid so I could kick your ass!" the Dragon who overhears this and grants the wish, and Goku gets turned into a kid. Pilaf is extremely mad and he and his crew fly off somewhere, whereas Goku has no idea what just happened.

Then all of a sudden, King Kai contacts Goku and Dende and tells them that he had no idea that Kami had created those dragonballs. He then tells Goku that these dragonballs are not spread out on this planet but throughout the entire universe! Goku still a bit dumbfounded, ignores this and flys away to go see his wife Chi Chi. Back on Earth, we see Pan, Goku's granddaughter, going on a date with some guy. As always the town is being terrorized and Goku comes to save the day. Right as Goku is about to fight, Pan jumps in and pushes Goku away and defeats the bad guys and saves the day. Master Roshi, who has never been to the city is molesting girls and getting slapped like a bean bag until both Pan and Goku exclaim "Master Roshi!" Pan is rather disturbed by this and realizes that this is her grandfather. Pan is totally freaked. So Pan goes home with Goku to see Videl, Chi Chi and Gohan. Chi Chi is extremely freaked out and keeps thinking that they're joking. Then King Kai contacts them and informs them that these dragonballs will destroy the entire planet unless the dragonballs are brought back to the planet that the wish was made, the time limit for this task is one year. This is the starting of DBGT and the cause of all their problems.

Review: I personally thought this was quite and interesting episode, some funny moments and a good deal of action. I give this episode, on a scale of 1 to 5, a 4.

-Information Produced By: Kronos

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