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Dragon Ball GT Episode Summary 8:
"Goku is Erupting Too, the Antenna Power Backfires!" Part 2

Okay, Episode 7, or Part 1, ended as a cliff hanger with Trunks posing as Lenne, Zunama’s soon to be wife. Zunama insists on seeing more of Trun… Lenne’s face and Trunks thinks that the cover is blown. Zunama said “You seem different than yesterday.” Trunks replies with “Uh…No… you just think so.”

Zunama asks why his beautiful bride is hiding her face, and Trunks says he is too shy to remove his veil. Pan then tells Trunks to act more feminine. All the villagers think that Trunks cover is blown, and they all become worried. Goku then asks Pan why they can’t just drop the stupid plan, and beat up Zunama right now, Pan tells Goku “No, because what would happen if he got mad and started an earthquake?”

Zunama then tells Trunks its okay if he doesn’t remove the veil. Zunama and Trunks are now off to Zunama’s House. Goku, Pan, and Lenne’s boyfriend start to think that the plan may actually work. Zunama tells Trunks “You have such a beautiful wedding dress” and strokes Trunks on the chest with his antenna. Trunks grabs the antenna, and Zunama freaks out and asks him what he was doing. In order to stay covered up, Trunks says that there was a mosquito. Zunama then tells Trunks “Thank You” and takes a different route to get to his house. They end up at a lake, and Zunama tells Trunks to hold his breath. Goku, Pan, and Lenne’s boyfriend were following Zunama, but they got lost after Zunama went to the lake.

We then see Zunama and Trunks dive into the water, and end up at Zunama’s House. Goku, Pan, and Lenne’s boyfriend are now at the Lake, and found Lenne’s veil. Goku, getting ready to dive into the water, takes off his clothes. Pan tells him to put his clothes back on this instant, or she’ll tell Grandma (Chi-Chi). Goku, Pan and Lenne’s boyfriend dive in and find the route that Zunama and Trunks took.

We then see Trunks and Zunama, changing into comfortable clothes. Trunks is exploring Zunama’s home, and discovers its built right next to a volcano. Zunama is shown holding some lingerie, and tells Trunks “I have some sexy lingerie for you.” Trunks turns around, and in the process, his black wig falls off, showing Zunama his purple hair. Zunama then discovers that this is not his wife, Lenne. He tells Trunks its okay though, because he’s even cuter than Lenne. Trunks still doesn’t tell Zunama he’s a male. Zunama asks for Trunks’ name, and Trunks says “Treance.” Trunks and Zunama then sit down to enjoy their dinner, and Trunks offers Zunama some of the alcohol drink that the villagers made. Zunama rejects it, saying he doesn’t drink alcohol. He tells Trunks to drink it instead, but Trunks tells Zunama there is something on his shoulder and quickly pours the alcohol onto the food. Zunama eats the food, and he gets drunk. Goku and Company then arrive at Zunama’s House, and Zunama sees them right off the bat. Trunks saves them by saying that they are friends of his, and right then Zunama passes out.

Then, Lenne’s boyfriend, chops off one of Zunama’s antenna. Zunama wakes up, and tries to create an earthquake, but right at this moment, Pan discovers Zunama’s secret. It’s not that Zunama can create earthquakes, but he can detect when they are going to happen. Trunks then hits Zunama on the head, and right as Zunama hits the floor, the volcano starts to erupt. The group starts to escape… including Zunama. On there way out of the cave, Goku stays behind to fire a Ki Blast at the magma, to slow it down. They all get out, but the volcano is still erupting, and the town is in danger! Goku then fires a huge Kamehameha Wave at the volcano, blowing the whole thing up. Goku and Company return to the village, and they receive the dragonball. Zunama is staying with the village, as long as he tells them when earthquakes are coming. Right at this moment, one of the villagers turns into a mysterious creature, and steals the dragonball, then flies away!

Can they get the Dragonball back?
Find out Next time on Dragonball GT!

Review: Extremely boring at times, but gets good towards the end. This episode gets a 2 out of 5.

-Information Produced By: SMGoten2

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