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Pre Dragonball Character Profiles

Bardock: Bardock is the father of Goku. Bardock leads a team of Saiyans that go around destroying planets under orders of Frieza. He is cursed with being able to see the future by the last of a race he and his team destroys. He sees the destruction of Planet Vegeta and makes an attempt to stop it. A lot of his team is killed while uncovering Frieza's plan to kill off the Saiyans. He is killed with much of the other Saiyans at the hands of Frieza's attack to kill off the planet. Bardock knows the importance of his son by being able to see the future. His last words are for his son.

Toteppo: A male member of Bardock's team. He is known as the strong man of the group. He has much darker skin than the others and scars all over his forehead.

Seripa (Fasha): One of the only full-blooded female Saiyans who was a member of Bardock's Special Forces. She knew Bardock since childhood and is a good friend. She was killed by Dodoria and a crew of his fighters.

Tooma: A member of Bardock's team. He is the only person Bardock is able to talk to when he finds his group killed by Dodoria and some of Frieza's men. Tooma wore a white armband that Bardock removed from Tooma's body after his death. The headband was soaked in blood which causes the apperance of a red headband.

Tooro: The last surviving Kanassan who was destroyed by Bardock and his team in the beginning of the TV Special. He curses Bardock with the ability to see the future which includes Planet Vegeta's destruction as well as the importance of his son's future.

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