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Dragonball Character Profiles

Goku: He is the main character of the Dragonball series. He is a Saiyan who was sent to Earth as a child. The series "Dragonball" is the story of his youth, so I won't go into that. He has two sons throughout the series. They are Gohan and Goten. Gohan is the older son and is present for almost all of the episodes. Goku is one of the most powerful warriors in the universe and is continually training to get stronger. However, he dies twice in the series. The first time he comes back to life through a wish with the Dragonballs. The second time, he is brought back through a sacrifice to him. Goku is also the first Saiyan to turn Super Saiyan.

Krillin: Krillin is a full blooded human from Earth. He is one of the weakest of the fighters, but that does not stop him from getting into battles. But he chooses the fights he gets into carefully, and if he can't win, he tries to avoid the conflict at all costs. He is one of Goku and Gohan's best friends and accompanies Gohan to Namek where he is eventually killed by Frieza, causing Goku to turn Super Saiyan.

Piccolo: Piccolo is from the planet Namek. His origins are somewhat mysterious. He was the son of another Piccolo, which was evil. The evil Piccolo came about as a result of a Namek that tried to purify himself by splitting his good and evil side. The good Piccolo mentored Gohan when Goku was killed the first time. He was originally an enemy of Goku, but became his ally.

Piccolo Diamaou: He is the evil of Kami. Kami had to get rid of all the evil in his heart to become the Guardian of the Earth. When this evil was removed it became Piccolo Diamaou. This evil version of Kami wreaked havoc among the Earth. Even though they were seperate, he and Kami were still the same person so if Piccolo Daimaou died, so did Kami and vice versa. He was sealed in a Jar in 461 by a guy named Mutatio who was the teacher of Master Roshi. But Mutaito died when he did this. 292 years later, Pilaf released him. Goku is there to stop him by headbutting him through the chest. This causes him to hack up and egg that would turn out to be the Piccolo we know in the Z series.

Shyao: An assistant to Emperor Pilaf. Has an army of dogs which he uses to try and defeat the DB group. He works with Mai for the imp monster Emperor Pilaf. One of first DB Villains. More comical than a threat to the Dragonball gang.

Upa: The Indian child who's father was killed by General Tao. He goes with Goku to collect all the Dragonballs so he can have his father wished back.

Sergeant Metallic: A giant android who Goku has to fight at the bottom level of Muscle Tower. Metallic goes down after Goku blasts his head off with a Kamehameha wave. Even after this, the android continues to fight Goku until his batteries run out because someone forgot to replace them.

Senbe Norimaki: Senbe is a self-proclaimed genius. He creates Arale and a bunch of other crazy inventions such as a Time Stopping watch and a vast collection of vehicles. Even though his own son turns out to be smarter than him, he still calls himself one of the greatest geniuses of his time.

Shenron: Created in the year 470, he is the dragon god who comes out when all of the seven dragonballs are brought together and someone says, "Come out Shenron!". He is the one that grants all the wishes for Earth.

General Tao: He is known throughout the world as a lethal assassin. He is hired by Red Ribbon to take out Goku. Goku had gone up the Corin Tower to get stronger, which he did, and defeated Tao with Tao's own gerenade. Tao comes back as a Cyborg in the twenty-third World Tournament to defeat Tien for betraying his brother. Cyborg Tao is the one who give Tien the scare on his chest. Tao is finally destroyed by Gohan in the peaceful days before the Cell Games.

Yajirobe: Is a fat little short guy that carries a sword. He is a monk. He meets Goku for the first time during the Piccolo Diamaou saga of Dragonball. He shows up a lot in the DB/Z series but kind of loses his neediness near the end of the Z series.

Tenkaichi Budoukai Announcer: The blonde haired announcer for all of the World Tournaments in every DB series. Everytime ZFighters gang fought he would cover for the subhuman feats that the gang does so the crowd wouldn't be totally bewildered.

-Information Produced By: Tricksta

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