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Dragon Ball Series Introduction

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, before the westernization and ensuing corruption of the Dragonball universe, there was Dragonball. Because Dragonball is pure and enclosed with a logical plotline and a focused conflict with more appreciable antagonists (Emperor Pilaf as opposed to the purely evil and seemingly invincible Frieza of DBZ), many consider it the best series of the three.

The Dragonball series begins eight years into the youth of our protagonist (good guy), Goku. He is introduced as a plump, innocent and sheltered little boy with amazing strength. The first episode quickly introduces his most favored activities- training, eating and paying homage to his adopted grandfather, Gohan, whose essence Goku believes resides in an indestructible four-starred sphere.

Goku's chores are interrupted by the entrance of Bulma, a beautiful (in a weirdish 80s anime sort of way) tech-saavy teenage girl in a car. Goku, caught off-guard by the contraption, quickly pummels the vehicle into a pulp in an attempt to save himself and Bulma. Through some humorous dialogue between the two, we realize a few things instrumental to our understanding of the general DB story: Bulma is in search of seven dragonballs which, purportedly, when gathered in one pile will summon a a massive wish-granting dragon; Goku has the fourth-ball; and Goku is not a natural boy. Thus begins the adventures of the duo. In this extensive 153 Episode Dragonball series, we are introduced to some characters who endure through the entire epic: the scrawny, perverted Roshi, first master of Goku and the one who gives him the Nimbus the very fast flying cloud. The Power Pole which can extend to tremdous lengths. He also teaches Goku the elusive Kamehameha attack which he uses throughout all 3 DB series. Other characters are Oolong, Yamcha, the scantily-clad 6-year old Chi Chi, the coward Krillin, an evil Piccolo, the Ox King and more. They go through an adventure to gather the mysterious Dragon Balls, stop Pilaf, and any evil that comes there way, while living their lives. Dragon Ball has it all, humor, action, and a great storyline with many twists and turns.

-Information Produced By: Shadow Kentou

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