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Dragon Balls

The 7 DragonBalls are what the characters of DragonBall search for if they need to revive someone or just to get something they always wanted. There are different dragons which can grant wishes in different ways. All 7 Dragon Balls and a password are needed in order to call the Eternal Dragon and make a wish. Also, if the creator of the Dragon Balls dies, then the Dragon Balls too disappear which also means no more dragon, which in turn means, no more wishes. The Dragon Balls have been what most villains are after and the most wanted wish throughout the whole series for villains has been to be granted immortality. This way they could take over the universe. The Z fighters try to prevent the villains from be granting their evil wish. There are 3 sets of Dragon Balls throughout the Dragon Ball Z series.

1st Set - Earth Dragon Balls
When the DragonBalls are collected on Earth, the person who has collected them can make 1 wish in the Dragons power. The power is measured through the creator's power. These Earth Dragon Balls also can't revive someone who has already been revived before, which is the major disadvantage of these Dragon Balls. Kami created these Earth Dragon Balls. Although after he fuses with Piccolo, the Earth Dragon Balls disappear. The Dragon's name is Shenron.

2nd Set - Namek Dragon Balls
Once all 7 are collected. the Namek Dragon, Porunga, can grant 3 wishes and can revive any person as many times as needed. This Dragon can be considered the mother of all dragons, since it is the most powerful and gives you the most options. Porunga is also the original Dragon from Namek. These dragon balls are also much bigger, about 5x times the size of a normal dragon ball. Guru has created these Dragon Balls and these Dragon Balls too disappear if the creator dies.

3rd Set - New Earth Dragon Balls
After Kami fuses with Piccolo and the Dragon Balls are gone, they need new ones, so Goku gets Dende to be the new guardian of the Earth and create new Dragon Balls. These ones are also different from the first set of Dragon Balls. The dragon is the same as before, Shenron, except this time he can grant two wishes and can revive any person as many times as needed which is a huge advantage from the previous Earth Dragon Balls. The Dragon Ball size is once again normal and the Dragon Balls will still disappear if Dende dies.

4th Set - Black Star Dragon Balls
These are the set of Dragon Balls that are to be collected in Dragon Ball GT (DBGT). They are the same as the normal Dragon Balls, except they have a black star and also they are not only scattered around the Earth, but scattered around the whole Universe. The only reason for collecting these Dragon Balls is to be able to turn Goku back into his normal size, since Pilaf (From DB) accidentally wished that Goku became small again after calling the dragon and seeing that he was no match for Goku. 3 People go on the mission to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls; Goku, Trunks, and Pan who sneaks aboard the ship.

By: Majin Gohan

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