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The Scouter was created by Freeza's scientists. It was made to help determine how strong a person was. The scouter is a special machine that is worn around one eye, and it can detect powerlevels from miles away. It gives the powerlevel in the form of a number, and so they compare the number to their own to see where they stand if they were to fight that person. Numbers will show up on the glass part around your eye so that you can read it easily while moving and navigating.

It can also be used to hide or find people, just locate their powerlevel and move away or towards it. Although sometimes since its only a machine it'll go haywire and start giving inaccurate readings or if the powerlevel becomes too high, sometimes the scouter will blow up.

For people who care, the Scouter comes in a variety of colours, main ones that I have seen are: Green, Pink, Purple, and Blue.

Since the Z Fighters have the ability to change their powerlevels, they can manage to hide from the scouter by lowering their powerlevels, so that the scouter can't pick them up. This is a major advantage when trying to escape or sneak around those who wear the scouter.

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