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Dragon Ball Z takes place on several different planets, I will describe and tell a little bit about the major planets that time is spent on and known about.

Planet Earth
This is the planet where most of the action takes place, the home of all humans and also the planet that Goku prefers as home instead of Planet Vegeta. Earth is destroyed once during the Buu Saga but then brought back by the Dragon Balls. Goku is usually considered the protector of Earth along with the rest of the Z Fighters. We get to see two of Earth's Guardians, one being Kami and another being Dende, both of who are accompanied by Mr. Popo.

Planet Vegeta
Planet Vegeta is the original home and birthplace for all Saiyans (except for Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Pan, Bra, etc.) The planet was named after King Vegeta, the king of all Saiyans. This planet although no longer exists because Freeza destroyed it in a attempt to wipe out all the saiyans to try to keep a Super Saiyan from emerging and overthrowing him. The Saiyans were loyal slaves for Freeza and did watever he wanted, but they never thougt that he would kill them in the end. Although before this happened King Vegeta tried to kill Freeza with the help of some of his mightiest Saiyans to retrieve the young prince Vegeta, but was killed in the attempt. Bardock (The Father Of Goku) also knew that Freeza would blow up Planet Vegeta and tried to destroy him on his own, after breaking through all of his forces, he too met his end at the hands of Freeza through his deathball which also blew up Planet Vegeta. Before this fact was revealed however, the theory was that Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a huge amount of Meteorites. Other Saiyans born on Planet Vegeta were Brolly, Paragus, Raditz, and Nappa. (I'm not too sure about Turles, could be)

Planet Namek
Planet Namek is the original home planet and birthplace for all Nameks. Although it too meets its end at the hands of Freeza like so many other planets. This was the planet that the Z Fighters went to to wish back all there friends that had been killed in the fight against the ruthless Vegeta & Nappa. Although they found a even stronger foe, Freeza. This is also the first time Goku turns Super Saiyan and beats the living shit out of Freeza, although the planet still ends up blowing up.

Planet New Namek
The New Namek became the home of all the namekians after there old planet blew up. They pretty much live a peaceful life afterwards except during Movie 6 when coola comes with the Ghetti Star and starts sucking energy from Namek. Although, Goku and Vegeta manage to destroy Coola and the Ghetti Star thus saving Namek again, although this time, all in one piece. ^_^

By: Majin Gohan

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