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Name Puns

English Name = Japense Name (Pun)

Android #13 Jinzoningen Jusangou

Android #14 Jinzoningen Jushigou

Android #15 Jinzoningen Jugogou

Android #16 Jinzoningen Jurokugou

Android #17 Jinzoningen Junanagou

Android #18 Jinzoningen Juhachigou

Bardock Bardock

Bojack Bojack

Bra (The Underwear)

Brolly (Brocolli)

Burter Baata (Butter)

Bulma Bloomer, Buruma, Bulma (Female Gym Shorts)

Buu (Bibidi Babidi Buu)

Dr. Briefs (Male Underwear)

Cell, Ceru

Chao-Su, Chaozu (Dumpling)

Chi-Chi (Breasts)

Cooler Koola, Coola (Cooler)

Corrin Karin

Dende Dende

Dodoria Dodoria (Southeast Asian Fruit)

Frieza Furiza, Furi-za (Freezer)

Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr.

Ginyu Ginyu (Milk)

Gohan Gohan (Rice)

Goku Goku, Gokou, Gokuu, Gokuh (Monkey)

Goten Goten (Air)

Gotenks Gotenks

Guldo Gerudo (Yogurt)

Janemba Janemba

Jeice Jisu, Jisu (Cheese)

Kakarot Kakarotto (Carrot)

Kami Kami-sama

Kibit Kibit

King Kai Kaio-sama

Kuririn, Kulilin (Chestnut)

Lunch (The meal)

Mai Mai

Nail Neil

Namek, Nameck

Nappa (Cabbage)

Oolong (Amber Tea)

Ox-King Gyuu Mao

Pan (Bread)

Paragas (Asparagus)

Piccoro, Piccolo, Ma Junior (Small Flute)

Pilaf Pilaf

Mr. Popo Popo-san

Puar, Puaru (Chinese Tea)

Radditz Raditsu (Raddish)

Recoome Rikum (Cream)

Roshi Roshi, Turtle Elder, Mutenroshi, Kame-sennin

Saiyan Saiyajin, Saiya-jin

Shu Shu

Slug Slug

Tapion Tapion

Tien Tenshinhan (Fried Rice)

Trunks Trunks (Boxers)

Turles Taurus (Lettuce)

Turtle Umi-game

Vegeta, Vejita (Vegetable)

Vegetto Vegetto, Vejit

Videl Videl

Dr. Willow Dr. Wheelo

Yajirobe Yajirobe

Yamcha, Yamucha

Zarbon (Citrus Fruit)

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