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Ki Detection

Ki Detection Summary

What is Ki Detection you ask? Well to understand that, visit our page on "What Is Ki?". Here is the quick explanation of what Ki is. Ki is the power, or power of your spirit, or the amount of power you emit. The more you give out, the stronger your Ki will be. The Z Fighters have a special ability to detect Ki. They can feel the Ki from every person, which helps them determine how strong they are, and if its a very high Ki, where do they stand if they were to fight this person.

Ki Detection can also be used to find people, for example if you would want to find Goku, he has a high power level, so the Z Fighter would detect for a big powerlevel and then head towards it. It can also be used to hide from enemies, if you know you can't win and are in a mood for hide and seek, you can detect your enemies Ki, and move away from it instead of moving closer to it.

Ki, a.k.a Power Level, is also a type of power of soul and body.To use attacks like Kame Hame Ha, you need KI. Everybody has a unique Power Level, which shows your Power, the Z Figther use KI for their Special Attacks ex: Kame Hame ha, Masenko, Big Bang Attack etc etc. The Z Fighters can detect the Power Level of a person with their Mental Sense, other use Scouters, Android Sensors, Energy Meter etc, see below for more information on Ki Detectors.

Mental Sense

This is a technique mostly used by the Z Fighters to detect strong enemies. They can sense enemies miles away, which gives them information on how storng the enemy is. This technique was first used by Goku, after Vegeta lost the fight against Goku, he learned it aswell. It is more useful then a scouter because, scouters can NOT sense the power that the enemy hides.

Energy Meter's

This is a gadget used by the Majins, to detect Gohan's power. It looks like a scale that goes 360 degrees.And theres another one that goes about 40 degree's. These are not really useful, it just read's the ki like Scouters or Mental Sense, exept of this one just reads the Ki in a specific area, not the exact point.

Android Sensors

Every android that was made by Dr. Gero got this useful feature, but they just analyze power.The only android that got Power Level Information Database is Android #16, he has got a Database information of the Z Figthers and he is the only one that detect's the power level exactly. His database information helps him to find the exact power level of the Z figthers, which makes his Sensor unique from the other androids, and the best sensor ever.


Not all people know how to detect Ki, so from Freeza's little gang, they all use something called Scouters, which can also detect Ki's automatically, and it gives you a precise number which can be referred to as a powerlevel. The Scouter works exactly in the same way as normal Ki Detection except for the fact that the person doesn't detect the powerlevel, the mechanical scouter does, which also means sometimes it goes haywire and gives wrong powerlevels. And it picks up high random levels throughout the area. If the powerlevel becomes really high, sometimes the scouter will explode.

By: Majin Gohan

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