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Japanese Lyrics

*** Note: The below lyrics are printed ad verbatim from

the liner notes. Any misspellings are from

the original printing. Enjoy singing along.

CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (English Version)

Breaking through the shining clouds I'm gonna fly away, fly away Spreading through my body, feel the power thru my soul

Kicked in the face, this earth is mad As a fire brigade, fire brigade Can't you feel it building up for her to blow

If there ever was a dinosaur In a mound of icicles I would wanna train it to ride a ball

* Cha-La Head-Cha-La No matter, if ever anything could happen Nothing can stop me now Cha-La Head-Cha-La Oh, my heart just keep sparking up like a ball of flame Oh yes, it make me fired up, sparking

I feel it, freedom in the sky My roller coaster, coaster Coming down to panic, chaos that spread over the ground

Take the scenic route down and upside down I'm like a melting star, melting star And the world seems faster as she's turning round

There's no time for me to mope and cry I got to get started now Adventures are so much the meaning to life

Cha-La Head-Cha-La Got so much space in my burning heart now I'll take it up with all the world Cha-La Head-Cha-La Smiling away, away today, I'm ultra Z Ai, ai, ai, ai



WE GOTTA POWER (English Version)

I see it coming down, all over town, it's chaos There's no time for me to be afraid Raise the excitement now and be the king of the mountain Be the king now, it's a masquerade, so it's made...

* Things you want that you can't touch, but you know One day you will hold that special feel that make you a man

** No-Ten, P-Kan I can feel the sky so blue I'm so down right, see that I'm so cool Playing with them all, trouble calls Don't you know, I take them all We Gotta Power, Dragon Ball Z

Don't mind at all, no shocks can stall my pace I keep my eyes fixed all the time to my goal Don't mind at all, cuz' after all, it's my way Cuz' after all, it's my life, it's my soul

One day we shall chase a dream, that is ours 'Til then you won't know that I'm your friend, to the very end

No-Ten, P-Kan The time is now to wisen up Feel the strength come right up from your gut You know the world is now, coming down To changing times, we'll show them how We Gotta Power, Dragon Ball Z




Buried and drowned in time, all that's left are memories Just as you remember too, we use to be angels then

Spreading the word from the highest of heavens Of love and of happiness Dropping seeds of peace to take away the pain And loneliness

Why, tell me why blue sky When I look at you, that's right I feel the power of our souls, hear me call

To my friends, We may have lost our wings with which we flew up so high But now, even now, I can feel your true mystical tide To my friends, Embracing the light and building hopes for the truth and our dreams Listen, one day you'll find what you've been searching for in your life

So you say you've lost your way in this city style But the tears you cry still run innocent as a child

Playing in a garden high, high up in the clouds Running wild with the moon Loving lovers as we touch them with our hearts That soothe

Yeah, all the dream visions We got inspirations All the magic to make them real, hear me call

To my friends, If we believe in tomorrow and what it may bring We can change this planet back into a paradise, yeah I say To my friends, All the pain that we learn from make this love Never let us forget each other, forever we are friends

To my friends, We may have lost our wings with which we flew up so high But now, even now, I can feel your true mystical tide To my friends, Embracing the light and building hopes for the truth and our dreams Listen, one day we'll find what we've been searching for we are friends.

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