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Capsule Corporation (CC)

Capsule Corporation is a massive technological corporation which creates highly advanced items. Capsule Corp. is owned by Bulma's father, Dr. Briefs. Now the best technology business in the world, they have no competitors to fear, but it wasn't always like that. In Dragon Ball their arch nemesis was the Red Ribbon Army creator, Dr. Gero which was able to make artifical intelligence. Capsule Corp. is most known for the inventions it has created that are now used all over the world. Although the innovation that has helped them dominate global business is that they've incorporated all of their products into tiny capsules once opened reveal the products inside. These capsules hold many products, such as hover cars, small houses, food, phones, etc. Because of these inventions, the family has gained recognition throughout the whole world and have easily become one of the richest families. The smarts from the father also seemed to have been carried through Genes to his only daughter, Bulma. She's just as smart, if not more so, she's also a very young and attractive female who ends up having two children with Vegeta. She's always willing to help out the Z-Fighters technology wise. Her best invention to help out the Z-Fighters has been the Dragonball Radar, without it, it would take forever to find all 7. Dr. Briefs has also created the Gravity simulators which have helped Goku and Vegeta train greatly under immense pressure and conditions. He has also created spaceships that have carried Goku and others across the Universe. Now you can easily see why Capsule Corp. is probably the biggest and most successful company in the Dragon Ball Z world.

-Information Produced By: Majin Gohan

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