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DragonBallZ.WS | Humor: Song

Hercule AKA Mr. Satan
Song: Legacy of a Champion
Album: World Champ
Poser Music Corp.

(Left-right speaker) *Satan, satan, satan, satan...
*Crowd cheer*

Yo..yo, yo I'm Hercule
Everyone knows me, I'm so cool
I'm the world champ
Oh yeah, I rule!

You wanna know how it felt on that day
The day the crowd cheered my name
You wanna know how it felt..
When around my waist went that belt?!

Well here it go..
It's my legacy yo..

Ya know one day it was goin just fine
I was the champ and all the glory, mine
But then that morning before all the fights
These really strong guys came into my sights

I couldn't remember all the names
But I did know they were from the Cell Games
And when I saw their kids fight with awesome power
That's about when I started to cower
I mean if them kids are way stronger than me
How tough them daddies must now be

That little Trunks kid owned me with one hit
But still my cheating I wouldn't admit
So I got up and played it like a joke
I wasn't bout to sell it in front all them folk

After that punch I went crying in my room
When it got to the strong ones I was facing doom

Throughout all the fights, all the strong guys flew away
I was cheering now for I could still seize the day!
Being it my luck, there was still one there
This here fighter had medium blonde hair

Number 18 had stayed on behind
This here chick didn't look very kind
She tossed the others easily out of the ring
Soon, I thought, I would no longer be king

Lucky for me she was money driven
She would let me win if double the prize was given
To make it look good we sort of fake fought
Because from the crowd a good fight was sought

All the fake fighting seemed pretty cheezy
But at least it was plenty easy
The final hit was my best one
But the hit in the face made her move none

I was like how could this be?!
How can a chick be THIS much stronger than me?
Lucky for me she flunged herself out of the ring
Now I could still be crowned king!

I made up a story about the delayed hit
My fans were loyal so they believed it!

I now went on to have the belt put back on
For now all my worries of loss were now gone

So for one more year I had got through with ease
All strong guys stay away from the next tournament please!

That's my private legacy and dont't tell it at all
Otherwise my false reputation would crumble and fall

This is Hercule now signing off...
Come see me win the next tournament *cough cough*

(Right-left speaker) *Hercule, Hercule, Hercule, Hercule...*

-Information Produced By: Tricksta

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