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Weird / Funny Emails

Received: December 2002

"I'm Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans!! BWAHAHAHA!"

Received: December 2002

"Hi, I'm a young webmaster. Could you please design and run my site? Thanks, I would really appreciate it."

Received: January 2003

"You are so cool you damn jerk. Nah you're not such a jerk after all."

Received: January 2003

"I'm going to be building a website pretty soon on the url www.dbz.com , do you have any tips to guide me on making a website?"


"Just do ur stuff and make a site, besides, www.dbz.com won't be available... I can guarantee you that."

Reply from him was:

"Oh yea, you're right, it isn't available. Oh well, I've bought a different domain and I'm going to begin making my website, and I'll tell you when its complete in a couple years."

Received: February 2003

Dear Majin,

I have been trully convinced for several months that I am a true sayian. I can tell you that, because I have original signs. I have a red sign in my ass. my mom said that i fell off my bike and acquired it, but i know that they just cut my tail off. I also feel pretty strange when there is fool moon. I also have black hair, ain't that a sign? Moreover when I was younger i knew how to fly when i was younger, but i forgot. Finally, I'd like to ask you a question: How do I become a Super sayian? it is true that Goku became one of them at the age of 25-30, but i would like to become one sooner. Do you know how? please answer my letter, the true sayian is here!

May the force be with you,
Nick the true Sayian

-Section Produced by: Draton

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