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DragonBallZ.WS Humor Letter

Just a funny letter that an old staff member of DBGT.COM came across. Clearly a joke!

Dear Microsoft,
      I recently bought some of your products so that I could repair some of my broken windows. It seems that you have a windows edition called ME, so I decided to make my windows the windows of the millenium. However, it says you require a computer, and I just cannot see how computers and a glass window in the room can relate. It's a funny thing though, my computer runs on something called Unix, and in the commercials it says that Unix can kick Windows ME's butt at anytime. Weird, I had no idea Unix manufactured in home improvement as well!
      Then I was reading through the internet for some answers, and it said that you also had a monopoly case with Real Players! This REALLY amazed me; you people play Monopoly as well with Real Players! May I ask, who are these real players? They sound like some real hardcore gamers to me. So I had one other question, are you in any other way associated with Hasbro, the game making company?
      You truly run an interactive company Mr. Gates. Gates, do you manufacture gates too? I am actually looking for a wooden gate to give me a little more privacy from my neighbors. If not, that's really okay. Anyway, the main point of this letter was to figure out how to install this Windows system. It gives me a disc, am I supposed to throw the disc out my window? I'm very confused, please help me out Microsoft or Mr. Bill Gates.

Yours Truly,
A Confused User

-Section Produced By: Draton

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