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DragonBallZ.WS Corny Jokes

Bra? -
Vegeta: Trunks, I would like you to go find Bra.
Trunks: Oh all righty dad, I'm on it.
*few hours later*
Store Manager: Young man what are you doing in Victoria's Secret?!

Dende's Power -
Gohan: Oh no! We can't summon the dragon anymore, Kami is now gone...
Dende: No really, it's no problem. I can make new balls to summon the dragon.
Goku: You make balls? How many do you have?!

Dr. Brief / Trunks -
Goten: I have to go get Trunks over at Dr. Brief's.
Krillin: Really? Does he carry Hanes or any other type?

Nappa's Power -
Nappa: Yes, I Nappa have finally become a Super Saiyan, thanks to your help Vegeta.
Vegeta: Grow some hair, baldy. It would help people get the idea.

What if Goku saw Gohan die along with Krillin in the Frieza Saga?
Welcome fans! We welcome you to the battle of SSJ3 Goku vs. Frieza. The first play, has now begun and Goku has just punched Frieza in the face. I believe the battle is over since Frieza just exploded. Encore everyone! Wait, that's not possible, Frieza is dead...

What if the Z-Fighters started a band?
Vegeta would have a rap solo, with Krillin having a guitar solo and Gohan on the drums. Goku would try to but in but Vegeta would yell: "Kakkorott! This is my band! I have the rap solo!" Pic below:

What if Vegeta never went super saiyan?
What's wrong with Vegeta?! He's gone mad! He's dyed his hair yellow, and has put on teal contacts! Along with that, he's started to take steroids and is running around screaming I'm a super saiyan!

-Section Produced By: Draton

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