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Dragon Ball Z: The Majin Dragon Ball
A DBZ Movie

An orphan called Kari finds a Majin Dragon ball while she is skulking around the dump. She then falls asleep and the dragon ball works through her sleep, using its power to resurrect Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu from the dead. Kari becomes the “controller” and orders Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu to kill Goku, because Goku has destroyed the Dragon balls greatest creations. It seems that the Dragon ball’s first master was King Cold, and its second was Dr. Gero, and its third was Bibidi. Those three masters created Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu, and the dragon ball wants revenge.

Meanwhile, Goku is a home with Chi-Chi, Gohan and Goten. He is eating (as usual) and sees on TV that Cell and Majin Buu and another are all alive. He is freaked out and Gohan comes and says, “Dad, the monsters you killed are all alive again!” Goku then does Instant Transmission to King Kai’s planet and tells him what happened. King Kai says he has sensed a strong power and thinks that the Earth and Namek dragonballs could have been used until Goku reminds him that they are turned into stone. Goku then leaves and King Kai contacts the four other Kais. He tells them about a legend he heard about a dragonball that was created and it was evil. The Guardian then banished it to the Dead Zone but it might have escaped. The Kais go to tell Grand Kai.

Meanwhile Goku goes to see Coron and Yajirobe. Coron laughs when Goku asks him to sense the power of Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu because they are dead. But he does and gets totally freaked out. He then tells Goku they are at least 10 times more powerful than when Gohan and Goku killed them. Now it’s Goku’s turn to get freaked out. He says thanks and goes to see Dende and Mr. Popo.

Dende is worried because he can sense a very strong power (the dragonball) and can sense the Nameks are moving to another planet. Mr. Popo comes out and says not to worry. Dende thinks that Goku has something to do with it. Suddenly Goku comes up to see them. He says hi and then asks whether there was another dragonball created. Dende then hesitantly tells them about the legend of the Majin Dragonball. Goku then understands why everything is happening but Dende doesn’t get how the dragonball escaped from the dead zone until Goku tells him about Garlic Junior and that it might have escaped with him.

Then Piccolo comes out and says he needs to see why the Nameks are moving. Goku tries to stop him but Piccolo scoffs at the idea of Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu being alive.

Meanwhile the Kais go to see Grand Kai and Pikkion comes in and says that Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu just escaped from the Home For Infinite Losers. Grand Kai doesn’t listen until the other Kais come in and tell him that Freiza and Co. are destroying the earth. When they leave Grand kai gets up to investigate.

Chi-Chi is mad as usual that Goku is late for dinner and they are about to have dinner when King Kai contacts them. Chi-chi gets freaked when King Kai says that Majin Buu destroyed Namek and Freiza is heading towards the city blowing up things he walks past. Then Chi-chi unintentionally says, “That was rude. Some guy contacts us to tell us that this guy is coming to the city to speak to his boss” Gohan then jumps up because Chi-chi unintentionally figures out why Freiza is heading into the city. Gohan tries to urge his dad to come but Goku is still trying to figure out what Chi-chi says. So Gohan goes outside and sees Goten listening at the door. Goten swears he didn’t hear anything but when Gohan flies out, Goten follows.

Gohan gets to the dump and senses an immense power. He then dodges an immense blast and sees Freiza. He then fights Freiza, but marvels at how strong he is. Gohan goes Super Saiyan and is winning when Freiza whips out his tail and grabs Gohan. Gohan is about to get blasted with Freiza’s Destructo Disc when a voice yells “STOP!” Gohan can feel such a strong power and is blinded by a red light. He can’t see anything but just before he is blinded he thinks he sees a girl but is not sure. Then the person who is Kari comes and drains Gohan’s power and turns him Majin. Vegeta who is flying around can sense that Majin Gohan is really strong but doesn’t want to help him because he is Goku’s son and Goku should be there.

Meanwhile Goku is at home waiting for Gohan to return when Supreme Kai contacts him. He says that every person who has been touched by Freiza, Cell or Majin Buu is hunting Goku, and that equals up to 1,000,000 people, androids, and dead people. Supreme Kai says that Goku will soon die and Goku gets freaked out and wishes he was dead again. When Supreme Kai is gone Chi-chi gets mad and yells, “WHY are all these PEOPLE coming and telling YOU that YOU will DIE? WHAT is WRONG with THEM!?” Goku says its not him fault that people want to kill him.

Somewhere else Master Roshi is sitting and thinking about everything that is happening. Yam Cha comes in and asks Master Roshi if he can sense the power. Master Roshi doesn’t listen and Yam Cha has to yell to get him to listen. Master Roshi can only say that Goku is in danger.

Goten then bursts into the house and tells Goku and Chi-chi that Gohan has being taken. Goku gets mad and Instant Transmissions to tell all the other Z warriors to come and meet him at Kami’s lookout. They come and they are about to leave to the dump when Piccolo (who hadn’t left yet) says he can sense something coming out of the sky. They realise it’s a time capsule and that Future Trunks has come back to help them fight! Then there is a little moment of confusion when Trunks meets his older self but it’s O.K. and they leave for the dump.

They get to the dump and Piccolo is scoffing that there is nothing here when he nearly gets hit in the back with a blast from Cell. Cell is Majin Cell and Vegeta wants to fight him. Suddenly everybody else is gone and it’s only Vegeta and Cell. They fight and Vegeta even surprises himself by turning into SSJ2. It’s close but Cell manages to win by using his power to paralyse Vegeta for a moment. Vegeta is baffled that Cell can be so strong. He disappears into the white cloud and is trapped inside an underground chamber that he can’t get out of.

Then Cell comes back to the dump and says he won. Yam Cha and Tien want to fight next. Then everybody else goes and it’s only Yam Cha, Tien and Cell. But Cell disappears and Majin Freiza comes and fights them. Tien gets turned into stone and Yam Cha is about to be when he sums up all of his power and throws it into Freiza. Freiza gets destroyed and so does Yam Cha. They go back to the dump and Tien tells them the bad news (because Tien got released from stone when Freiza died). Then Trunks and Goten decide to fuse because everybody else is getting beaten. They do the fusion dance and become Gotenks. Majin Buu decides to fight them next because they seem the strongest, because Goku is hiding his power. They fight for ages and Gotenks turns SSJ3 but his hair turns a bit brown and his face and arms turn a little bit red. So you could say they turn SSJ3 ½. Majin Buu is losing but he paralyses Gotenks when Gotenks is about to throw a Super Kamikaze Ghost attack. Gotenks stops and Majin Buu throws him into the same prison as Vegeta. Goten and Trunks separate.

Goku is mad and say he will fight next, because everyone else is being thrashed. Piccolo and older Trunks decide to come with him but Goku says no, because Gohan is his son and he wants to get him back. So Majin Buu comes back and everybody else disappears. Majin Buu is about to fight Goku when he disappears and out comes Gohan, but he has the letter M on his forehead. Goku gets really unsure because he knows he has to fight his son to get him back, but if he accidentally kills him what will happen? Then a voice comes out laughing and says, “So, Goku, do you want to fight your son? Will the greatest fighter in the Universe refuse to fight?” Goku decides to fight soft but Gohan doesn’t seem to know he is there, and fights viciously. Goku has no choice to turn Super Saiyan, and Gohan follows. They fight ferociously and nobody seems to be winning, until Goku remembers whom he is fighting to save and gets really mad, and turns SSJ3. Then Goku gets the upper hand and is about to win when Gohan suddenly disappears. Goku is confused and then Piccolo and Trunks come back and he is at the dump again.

Meanwhile there is a manhunt going on for Goku and most people on the planet have the letter M on their forehead. Chi-chi and Bulma are really freaked out because there are heaps of people throwing energy waves around the city and wrecking everything.

Then, back at the dump Goku, Trunks and Piccolo can sense a very strong power coming out. Trunks turns USS and Piccolo throws off his cloak. Goku realises that this is his son who has the immense power but Gohan seems to be fighting it. He runs up to Goku and says, “Dad, it’s a girl” and collapses. Goku turns around and everything goes black, and out of the ground there is a red light and a huge power. Then a girl, Kari comes out and Goku asks what she is doing here and she laughs and says she is the one who caused all of this. Goku doesn’t believe her until she Instant Transmissions up to Piccolo and he disappears in a huge kamehameha wave. Goku and Trunks get mad and try to fight her but she dodges both of them. She says, “Goku, the whole universe is looking for you.”

Then they aren’t in the dump anymore but on a huge planet, and there are millions of people everywhere. Kari says that this is the whole universe and she can blow them up with a single blast. Goku gets desperate and asks what he can do and why everyone wants to kill him. Kari laughs and then Vegeta, Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta and Tien come back. She says that the can pick the most powerful of them to fight the powers of her, Cell and Majin Buu combined. If they lose then Goku gets thrown into the dead zone. Vegeta wants to fight because he is the strongest, but Piccolo says Gohan should fight. Goku says maybe he could fight but Kari says that Goku can’t fight. Then the idea of Fusion comes up. Trunks and Older Trunks fuse to become a Super Trunks. Goten and Vegeta fuse to become Vegeten. Then Goku suggests that both of them fuse. Vegeten scoffs but they try and become Super Vegetenks. They are really strong and Goku is confident that they should win because Kari probably didn’t know that they could do that. But then Kari comes back and is impressed at the strength of her opponent. So Super Vegetenks fights at SSJ3 level but they can’t get any higher because none of them has a tail. Kari is really strong and then suddenly her power increases. Gohan is puzzled because her hair turns blonde and her eyes turn green just as a Super Saiyan should. But girls couldn’t become Super Saiyans, could they? Goku, on the other hand is freaked that she could be so strong.

Supreme Kai comes back and is freaked as well. He then remembers the Majin Dragon ball and asks if anybody had seen it. Goku is shocked, and says no, they were a little bit busy. Supreme Kai asks, who is that fighting? And Gohan says proudly that it’s a combination of the strongest Saiyans in the universe apart from his Dad. But Supreme Kai says that Kari is 100 times stronger than Super Vegetenks.

Suddenly Super Vegetenks stops, and all of the fighters defuse. Kari laughs at them, and says how weak they are. Then Supreme Kai asks if he could shake her hand. Everybody is baffled until Goku has a flashback of Supreme Kai shaking his hand at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Supreme Kai takes Kari’s hand and then freezes. Kari laughs and says, “Yes, you have found out my little secret” and Goku asks what is it? Supreme Kai then says that the Majin Dragonball is inside her. Everybody is freaked out, but Vegeta isn’t. He says that he must blow her up to save the Universe. Kari is just about to do a huge Kamehameha when Vegeta does a huge energy blast at her. Goku can see that he has a tear in his eye and realises that Kari looks just like Vegeta’s mother! Kari screams but just before she does summons the Dead Zone to open. Everybody stands their ground as the vortex opens but Goku seems to be the only one who is going into the vortex. He is just about to enter it when he remembers when he first met Bulma, when he first got the Nimbus Cloud, when he defeated Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu, and thought of how he was the first to turn Super Saiyan. He then remembered that he had a pure heart and had given so much to the earth and couldn’t leave it now. And suddenly, he is shining with a white light and everybody is blown back at his power level. It is 1,000,000,000! Then everybody realises that he can’t get into the dead zone because his heart is too pure! Then his white light seems to swell and he turns SSJ3, but his eyes are gold and his uniform is too. Supreme Kai is totally freaked out and so is Kari. Then Supreme Kai realises that there was another legend that said there was a fighter clad in gold that would defend the universe. Vegeta then does his energy blast and Kari who is still freaked out at Goku being the Eternal Warrior gets all the energy thrown out of her, and the dragonball rolls onto the ground. Kari is normal again and says to Goku that she realised that she is part Saiyan. She says that the only way to destroy the Dragonball is for someone whose heart cannot be touched by the evil of the dragonball can absorb it.

Goku, who is still the Eternal Fighter, comes forward and it seems that the whole earth is holding its breath to see what would happen. Goku holds the ball and it seems that the evil of the ball was coming into him. He then started wavering as the dragonball could sense the immense power inside him. He then was shifting between Dark Goku and the Eternal Fighter. But it seemed that Goku was losing as Dark Goku took over. Gohan and Goten were so upset and Vegeta couldn’t believe that Goku would be the Eternal Fighter.

Goku was about to give in, as the letter M became a shadow on his forehead. Then, suddenly, the evil couldn’t go in. It had reached his heart, and however strong it was, the pureness of Goku’s heart could resist it. The evil was being taken over as the Eternal Fighter came back, and then it was only the Eternal Fighter.

Everybody in the Universe cheered as the evil was gone, and the Supreme Kai was shocked. But Kari smiled. “He did it. I knew he could do it. Goku is the strongest fighter in the universe”. Then she turns to Vegeta. “I reminded you of someone, didn’t I, Saiyan Prince Vegeta?” Vegeta grunted. Kari smiled. Then she turned back to Goku. “I will die now. I’m not strong enough. But it was great meeting you, Goku. I’m glad such a good Eternal Fighter is protecting the Universe.” She smiled once more and died.

Goku turns back into his normal state and doesn’t believe he is so strong. Then the people of the Universe go back to their planets, and Goku and the others return to the dump. Then they summon the Eternal Dragon and wish for everything to go back to normal as it was before the Majin Dragonball came. Goku, Gohan and Goten go back home and all you can hear is Chi-chi yelling at them for being late.

-Fan Fic Produced By: Hannah Morris

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